SU seeks tuition guidance from students

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The Students' Union is building a policy on what tuition should pay for, in light of growing concerns about tuition increases.

"We really don't have a policy saying what tuition should and should not pay for," said SU Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston. "Some would argue that it should only pay for access to experts in a field."

Among the services Preston cited for discussion are: the Admissions Office, the Disability Resource Centre, the Library and the Fees Office.

su External Commissioner Bryan West was cautious about any policy enumerating what tuition should or should not pay for.

"Things will arise," said West. "I think it would be a very confining policy."

Preston agreed that care was needed in formulating the policy.

"If we say tuition should pay for everything that goes on at this university, that gives administration a great excuse to charge more tuition," he said.





The Library should definately be funded by the university and researchers who use it. How many undergraduates need subscriptions to 1000s of different journals?

The Fees Office is paid for by students?!? Something is certainly wrong in the state of Denm.. Calgary.

If this was the real world, we wouldn't have to pay the U of C to pay the U of C, and they would have trimmed the administrative cruft long ago (or gone bankrupt).

I'm curious, what other services do students pay for out of tuition?


Since your e-mail does not appear to be working, I'll post my comments here.

I was told today by a professor that instructions had gone out to the faculty to use research grants more efficiently, and so students would have to pay for class notes and handouts and stuff in the fall. He complained that they were under alot of pressure to "make do" with what they had (they couldn't let department and research money mix) and couldn't understand why the departments aren't getting more money despite large increases in enrollment and tuition.

What do you think?

Could someone show me a breakdown of where our tuition dollars go? I certainly don't want my fine arts tuition funds going to new scientific equipment, (or v.v.). I think the university owes us students that information, which we would need to evaluate the university as an education provider.