MacKimmie Library is one of the spaces under used.
Michael Grondin/the Gauntlet

SU study space audit nears completion

Audit part of election campaign promise

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The Students’ Union is close to completing a study space audit that was the centerpiece of SU president Raphael Jacob’s campaign during the 2013 SU election.

Both Jacob and SU vice-president student life Ben Cannon promised a study space audit in their platforms last year. The two began work on the idea immediately after taking office last May.

Once finished, the audit will show where and how many seats are open to students looking for a place to study on campus.

With the research phase of the audit now over, the SU plans to publish the results on their website and create paper handouts.

The University of Calgary already has study space information on their website. Cannon said the SU’s version will include features that make it more user friendly, setting it apart from the one already available.

“To take an example, on the university’s website, the Arts Lounge isn’t called the Arts Lounge. It’s listed under the formal name of the room,” he said. “Our website will include information like how far the space is off the beaten path. We’ll say if there are washrooms or water fountains near by. We’ll highlight some of our favourite space — things like that.”

The SU found that much of the space available on campus is barely used.

“There’s not necessarily a lack of study space, there’s just not the best use of study space,” Cannon said. “Some spaces are always over capacity because a lot of people all go to the same places.”

Seldom used spaces include a room with over 200 seats above the Aquatic Centre and the second floor of the MacKimmie Library.

“These are the spaces that some people learn about, while others will go their whole university careers without finding,” Cannon said.

The SU plans to publish their results by fall 2014.