SU View: Alcohol Awareness Week

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The Students' Union Alcohol Awareness Week is coming next week, with events on Tue., Oct. 9 and Wed., Oct. 10.  

Past Alcohol Awareness Weeks have been focused on presenting the message that all alcohol is evil and must be avoided at all costs. Taking the approach that alcohol is a dangerous drug that leads only to bad situations has made Alcohol Awareness events very negative and not engaging for students.

This year we have chosen not to vilify all forms of alcohol but to help students understand the complexities of alcoholic beverages. It is important that students have an understanding of where beer and wine comes from, how they are made and the complexities behind each including the distinctive tastes of these drinks.

For example, knowing beer and wine are meant to be served with food to highlight different flavours encourages responsible drinking. Beer and wine are not just about alcohol! If you are interested in finding out for yourself check out the Alcohol Awareness Beer tasting event on Tue., Oct. 9 at 6:00pm in the Black Lounge, or the Wine tasting event on Wednesday Oct. 10 at 6:00pm in the Black Lounge.

You can get tickets to these tastings for free by coming to the Students Union offices in MacHall during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm).