SU View: Conflict Hits Campus

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No, the University of Calgary is not in danger of attack. Instead, in early March, the Students’ Union will host a variety of opportunities for students to learn more about international conflict, genocide, the difficulties of attaining peace and ways you can get involved to create positive change.
From March 5-7th we will be holding Political Action Week 2. The three day event is designed to raise awareness of past and current global issues and the international role Canada plays, could play or should play as a global leader in peace and mediation.
Each day is themed offering a variety of events and displays that all members of the campus community are invited to check out. March 5th is Peace vs. War Day, March 6th is Speak Out Against Genocide Day and March 7th is Military Awareness Day. There will be an expert panel held each day in the MacEwan Student Centre’s Terrace Lounge (by the Coffee Company and Tim Horton’s). March 5th will discuss “Canada’s Place in International Conflict”. March 6th the U of C Model UN Team will be doing a UN Security Council on Sudan, and March 7th we will discuss “Whatever Happened to Peacekeeping”. Forums run from 12-1:30 pm each day.
Along with the forums, students can also take part in a number of interactive events. On March 6th look for our Genocide reality check activity all over campus. This will be followed by a vigil at 3:30 in the MacEwan Student Centre North Courtyard. Join us to reflect and learn about the tragedies of Genocide, and send a letter to the Prime Minister about the importance of Canada being a true global leader for peace. On March 7th, learn the difference between the government decision makers and our soldiers’ responsibilities. The Military Family Resource Centre and the Department of National Defence will also be on hand with information and displays including a mine awareness component. There will also be opportunities to send a letter or “video postcard” to our Canadian troops.
The three days have been designed to foster informed and critical debate with the hope of contributing to the formation of involved and informed citizens.
For more information or to volunteer please contact me at suvpext@ucalgary.ca. Check out www.su.ucalgary.ca for a detailed listing of Political Action Week events.