SU View: SU General Election Stand Up and Be Counted!

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You've seen the posters, you've walked past the forums and now you know it's here again. It's time to vote in the Students' Union General Election. Each year, the student body head to the polls to elect the students who will work to serve and represent them during the 2008-09 academic year.

The SU plays a vital role for students and supports many aspects of student life inside and outside of Mac Hall.

The Events portfolio puts on many important awareness weeks such as ArtsFest and coordinates favourites like That Empty Space and Bermuda Shorts Day. The Operations and Finance portfolio works to ensure our businesses like The Den and Bound and Copied are running smoothly as well as managing the budgets that fund the programs and services available from the SU. The SU is also an important advocate for student rights and issues. The Academic and External Portfolios specialize in lobbying on your behalf to the university and all levels of government. Finally, the President oversees all these portfolios and is the official spokesperson for the SU, representing and serving the U of C student body to the university, government and the media.

The SU has a broad influence over many aspects of your life here at the U of C, so make your mark and use your vote to ensure the very best people are elected to represent you at the SU next year. To get up to speed on who is running and their platforms, check out the SU election web site at election.su.ucalgary.ca.