SU View: SU offers free weekly events and entertainment

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Ahhhh . . . the only thing better than the taste of that inaugural morning coffee following a long weekend is the taste of a FREE morning coffee provided by your Students' Union. As I'm sitting here, sipping on my free cup of Earl Grey and watching all those oblivious students in that horrendous queue for Tim Hortons, I wonder: What is the best way to tell undergraduates about Mundane Mondays?

"What's Mundane Mondays, Luke?" I hear you think with a blank stare.

"It's free coffee. Free tea. Free newspapers!" I respond, vehemently.

Mundane Mondays is a chance to ease into the long week ahead and jump-start your system into the learning mode.

"That's all good, Luke, but I need my coffee to go," you say.

"Well, that's why we have free travel mugs for you," I auspiciously reply, "provided by the Students' Union Sustainability Board."

Every Monday morning in That Empty Space from 9 to 11, pull up a '70s scarlet red sofa, grab a coffee, and relax before the barrage of lectures begin.

"So I've got my free mug, Luke, but my eyes are itching for stimulation. What should I do?"

"It's a good thing you asked! Let me explain . . ."

Every Monday night your Students' Union holds Cinemania in ICT 102.

"What's Cinemania?"

"It's FREE movie night! Bring a date, bring a friend or bring your Mom. You can also grab some unlimited popcorn for $2."

Presented by the events commission, you can watch movies like Get Smart, The Chronicles of Narnia and Zombie Strippers all for the low cost of zero dollars.

"Okay okay, you've satisfied my optical needs, Luke, but what about my ears?"

"You've not heard of That Empty Space?" I ask.

That Empty Space is a FREE music venue every Friday. Bands like Hey Ocean, Secret Broadcast and Babes for Breasts are coming this year. Don't forget to bring your ID though, you're going to need it for that late afternoon Strongbow.

"That's all good Luke, but I've never heard of those bands. What sort of music is it?"

"Don't worry! The idea behind That Empty Space is to discover new bands. If you'd like to listen to some music beforehand, then check out the SU's website, www.su.ucalgary.ca.

Whether you're into music, movies or coffee, the SU is here for you.

"Thanks Luke. You've opened my eyes to a new world of FREE!" you say.

"You're more than welcome . . . Andrea? Joey? Mark? . . . What is your name by the way?"

That's all folks for one more week.

Luke can be reached at