SU View: SU protests credit card issue

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University administration is focused on the future, the student experience of 2012. However, many current students are unsatisfied with their U of C education. In its drive for the future, the university has lost communication with the current student body. The university is here to serve students--understanding how its decisions effect students must not be an afterthought. The credit card withdrawal decision was made without consulting students on how this would effect their ability to pay, what is being done with the saved money and how service is effected.

Current students need to work together to send the message to the university that we still matter. The Students' Union met this week with senior administration to demand a reversal of the credit card withdrawal decision.

We at the SU have that spot at the table with the administration. What gives us power at the table is you--students emailing the administration, signing petitions, telling their story of how the credit card withdrawal decision affects them. We all want the same thing, and through diplomacy and action we can make it happen. Be it meetings with Harvey, the Board of Governors, petitions, emails, demonstrations, et cetera, the student voice will be heard. Get your message out, email creditcardfeedback@su.ucalgary.ca. For updates on current action visit www.su.ucalgary.ca.




The SU knew that this was a done deal by March 12, and then took a week to draft a press release for March 19, and then faults the university for informing students only after the media has informed students that students' lives would not be changing for the better.

And your only substantial retort is a sit-out with crumpets?

How many days or weeks before March 12 did the SU know that this decision was being contemplated? When should a reasonable person in the same place as the SU representative have known about or reasonably anticipated the discussion, given that the same situation occurred at other universities?

I admit to not being privy to the circumstances under which the SU executive timed things so poorly, but this blog provides ample evidence that there are serious deficiencies in how students are being represented by their unions at this university. As a colleague from the other side of the fence pointed out recently, why is the reaction now only a weak protest to try to undo a month-old decision, instead of active measures to keep the SU from being blindsided?

From the outside, this situation almost reads as a narrative from an abusive relationship, where the victim has become so worn down by years of abuse and one-sided make-up sex that they have become blind to their own peril and only feign protest at negative things that are clearly happening before their eyes, in some vein attempt to justify their continued existence in the situation.

Please take some responsibility for your (in)actions in not informing the students, in not anticipating this decision, and in not preparing a timely and adequate response to this and foreseeable future similar situations before admonishing the administration for failing to fulfill your mandate.