SU View: Why aren't you involved yet?

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Classes, study, sleep (if you're lucky), repeat. If this is what your university experience looks like right now, this article is about to save your sanity.

With the Students' Union (SU) there are countless ways to break this monotonous cycle. For those who have little time to spare, there are opportunities that take only a few minutes but can have a huge impact on your university life. Vote for elected officials in the upcoming by-election, chat with SU officials whenever you see a blue SU t-shirt in the halls and ask your SU executives questions when they do their Traveling Office hours around campus. You can also participate in or volunteer for exhilarating SU events like Master Debaters, Academic Success Seminars (ASS) and Political Action Week. How else would you be able to watch a marijuana-based word-brawl, learn how to boost your grades and camp out on the Mac Hall front lawn to protest housing issues--now how can you graduate without saying you've done that at least once? Anyone looking for a long-term experience complete with fantastic people and job experience should check out Volunteer Services (http://www.su.ucalgary.ca/services/student-services/volunteer-services.html). This arm of the SU operates programs like the Campus Food Bank, the Info Centre, Into the Streets and much more. Volunteer Services offers a diverse set of opportunities for people looking to improve the quality of the U of C and beyond. Not to mention you'll find some excellent skills and experience so when the inevitable terror of graduation hits you are prepared with a well-endowed resume.

Of course, if you just want a taste of everything, get involved with a club. There are over 160 SU-sanctioned clubs to participate in, so it doesn't take a lesson in probability to know there is bound to be something for everyone. If you find you've beaten the odds and can't find the club you want, create a new one! So the next time you walk past the SU office, stop in and ask about what you can do to inject some excitement into your possibly monotonous academic experience and find out what university really means.