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We are your Students' Union executives and we'll be working diligently to make sure you have an amazing time this year. Luke, your VP Events, will be throwing sweet events for you like Cinemania, That Empty Space and Bermuda Shorts Day; Pam, your VP Academic, will make certain you have the resources and support you need to excel in your studies; Alastair, your VP External, will ensure you don't get the short end of the stick from all three levels of government; Alex, your VP Operations and Finance, will keep those SU fees down to one of the lowest in the country by maintaining our businesses' efficiency; and Dalmy, your SU President, will keep you in the loop about what the SU is working on to give you the best year possible.

Okay, so it's the first few days of school and you're all getting into the swing of things. You're paying tuition (not with your credit cards), buying textbooks (maybe with credit cards), picking up a U-Pass and probably waiting in line for everything imaginable (priceless). So we ask you: how can you make this year count? It doesn't matter whether you're a first year or a fifth year; if you're looking for something different this year, here's one suggestion: Clubs Week.

From Sept. 15-19, over 180 clubs will have booths set up around MacHall to let you know what they've got to float your boat. You can meet new people, become a leader in any given field and learn skills outside of that 400 person lecture hall. On top of the endless possibilities you'll be exposed to, this year the SU is granting 10 lucky students $1,000 scholarships for demonstrating leadership in SU clubs. If you don't want to be that student who shows up to class and goes right home after, then checking out Clubs Week is the best place to start.

We are all looking forward to seeing you around campus.


Your SU executives,

Dalmy Baez: president@su.ucalgary.ca Pamela Weatherbee: suvpaca@ucalgary.ca

Luke Valentine: suvpeve@ucalgary.ca

Alastair MacKinnon: suvpext@ucalgary.ca

Alex Judd: suvpfin@ucalgary.ca