TED breaks ground in Calgary

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In 1984, a conference was held bringing together great thinkers from the areas of technology, entertainment and design to talk about their work.

Since then TED has become a nonprofit organization with the goal of giving a stage to "ideas worth spreading."

Conferences are now held all over the world and a number of other projects have been started, including TEDTalks, which distribute many ground-breaking and inspirational presentations over the internet. Now TED has launched a new initiative called TEDx that focuses on helping communities organize their own independent conferences. Calgary will be hosting its own version called TEDxYYC on Feb. 26, 2010. As of yet, the list of speakers and the venue for the event have not been announced.

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Hi there,
Speakers will be announced throughout January on our website - The venue has already been announced - Karo Design has generously donated their building for then event.
If you have any questions, don\'t hesitate to get in touch.
Sarah Blue