Theatre and dance kick off the season in September

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University's a time to discover your true passions and to connect with the world around you. Both dance and the dramatic arts offer a buffet of exhilarating experiences sure to delight any explorer's pallet. The stage is a place where imagination finds a place to take seed and mature, and provides both inspiration and an opportunity for reflection for the audience. Head down to these great venues to discover and celebrate the human spirit in the most tasteful of ways.

The University of Calgary dance program kicks off this year's season with the annual Professional Series, Sept. 26 and 27. Entitled Impact, the series will be featuring the genius of choreographer and dancer Marc Boivin. Conveying intensity from the aesthetics of movement, each performance will be sure to thrill and inspire.

If the prospect of sitting through the entire length of a play seems daunting to you, but you still want to get your taste of the stage, look no further than Calgary's own Lunch Box Theatre. Recently relocated to a venue at the base of the Calgary Tower, this troupe exhibits short plays over the lunch hour. This year's season promises something for everyone, starting with a comedic musical entitled Stagefright.

Theatre Calgary presents A Raisin in the Sun, which will be running all this month and well into October. Brought to life in the Max Bell Theatre, this remarkable script is historically important to the theatre community as the first play written by a black woman to be produced on Broadway. Set in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood, the play follows the inspirational story of a family whose members are trying to find their respective places in the world. Each individual must hold on to their dreams through a number of difficult circumstances. The Younger family's journey through turmoil is a truly moving story anyone can use as a candle when getting through rough parts of their own lives.

Recharge your creativity by immersing yourself in the imagination of childhood. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet will be paying tribute to the beauty of youthful energy at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium until Sept. 20. Their rendition of the family classic Peter Pan is great for students, especially if university is making you feel a bit too grown up. It's the perfect way to remind your self that you're still a youngster and escape to Neverland.

When someone says "musical theatre," the first thing to pop into most peoples mind is the infinitely classy classic, Cats. Audiences all over the globe have been captivated by the magnitude of this spectacular theatrical favourite. The intense choreography of Broadway Across Canada brings the lovable, quirky characters and the iconic music to life. Performances will be taking place at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Sept. 23-28.

No one wants to experience the horror and fear of living during a war or pandemic. However, exploring the culture of paranoia cultivated during such events is undoubtedly interesting. Unity (1918) by Kevin Kerr allows one to do just that, from the comfort of their chair. ATP will be presenting the fascinating dramatic piece at the Martha Cohen Theatre Sept. 23 to Oct. 11.

Who doesn't love whimsical spontaneity? Loose Moose Theatre Company features weekly improvisation shows on their stage in Crossroads Market. With crowd participation and a guarantee that you will never see a similar performance, it's a sure-fire way to get your creative juices stirred, not shaken.

What would you do if you were plummeting, 30 feet from the ground, only to find that your plans have gone horribly wrong? Theatre Calgary's exhilarating production of Skydive will be showing audiences just that. Renowned playwright Kevin Kerr explores two dissimilar brothers caught in the throws of a perilous predicament. With aerial choreography by Sven Johansson, this ingenious show will bedazzle spectators at the Max Bell Theatre, Oct. 14 to Nov. 2.

Dance and theatre are products of prosperity and in a bustling city such as Calgary, the cup doth certainly runneth over. From spectacular feats of expressive choreography, to exploration of the darker sides of humanity, everyone will undoubtedly find something special to discover for themselves in the performing arts community of Calgary.