U of C creamed by media

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The three suspects who pied Premier Ralph Klein July 7 at his pancake breakfast are not University of Calgary students.

Although some media outlets described the three men as U of C students, only one of the three is a former student. The other two never attended the institution.

"It's sloppy reporting," said U of C Vice-President External Roman Cooney. "We do not condone that type of protest."

Despite the fact that the three are not U of C students, the Alberta Federation of Labour will still provide a defence fund for their legal battle. The AFL believes with all the media coverage, they will not receive a fair trial.

"The focus needs to be on why the pie was thrown," said AFL Secretary-Treasurer Kerry Barrett. "We don't condone throwing the pie but people are marginalized and the government is not listening."




Attacking a politician is not a propper form of debate. Will Klien be more apt to listen to them, or others who share similar goals, now that he has been pied?