Vancouver group shows that metal isn't that scary after all

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It's great to have Bison back in Calgary, though they aren't the hairy four-legged ones. Bison B.C. is a band who can appreciate mosh pits while still seeing the value in something less traditional like a hug pit, head-banging and high fives.

Being in Bison probably saved the guys from having typical white picket fence lives and working somewhere nine to five. Their music is about struggle in society and the world and the inner struggles they've had. They aren't a Norwegian Black Metal band with crazy feuds or just an act.

"Absolutely everyone is entitled to be into what they're into and that's fine but it's not my kind of thing," guitarist Dan And says. "I'm not trying to slag anyone but sometimes a lot of people take a lot of things too seriously. It is what it is and it's just music at the end of the day."

Made up of And, James Farwell, Masa Anzai and Brad Mackinnon, the group plays crossover metal and has a bit of everything. Sometimes they like to think of it as doom thrash just to give it a name. A wide range of backgrounds and inspiration ranging from punk to classical gives Bison B.C. an equally wide range of sound and style.

The group has become well-known for the bearded cyclists in plaid who follow them around their home province of British Columbia.

"We just happen to have a lot of friends who are bike couriers and a lot of them just happen to have beards and plaid shirts," And explains. "I think it's just one of those cities that you can pretty much just ride your bike all year. It's a pretty bike heavy city."

Sometimes metal can be rather intimidating to newcomers, but Bison B.C. understands that. Everyone needs an introduction to something new and the band counts themselves as a great introduction to the metal scene or just loads of fun for all the metal connoisseurs out there.

"Just be rad and have a good time." And says. "A lot of people might be intimidated to come to metal shows. It's kind of a macho genre. The one thing I want everyone in the world to know is that everyone is welcome at a Bison show."