We're in the money!

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The University of Calgary held one of their oft-repeated publicity stunts again this week, only this time there was a twist: there was something worth publicizing, and the fireworks were mysteriously absent.

Following on the heals of a slew of "groundbreaking" ceremonies held over the past eight months to celebrate new buildings and projects that are unfortunately little more than long-term budget projections, the Advanced Education minister was on campus Wed., Nov. 15 to announce some actual financial commitments.

The planned U of C veterinary school--which has been delayed multiple times--will be getting $64 million, and the Child Development Centre will receive $34 million. The U of C fronted the cash in the first place, under the promise that the government was good for it. Apparently they were.

Unfortunately, less clear is whether they will fund the U of C's lofty capital plans to increase student enrolment by 7,000 students by 2010. Despite administration heralding the new age for U of C growth with PR spectacles to rival the Calgary Stampede, little more than some planning money has been secured so far.

While this recent announcement is a welcome one, students should take unbelievable administration claims--like building four huge capital projects on a four year deadline--for what they are, unbelievable.

It would appear that when there are actual concrete financial commitments to report, the cheap theatrics are less necessary.