What we believe

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The Gauntlet's purpose, while multi-faceted, is quite simple. We are a student newspaper; we are run by students, for students. Any undergraduate student can contribute to this newspaper, and as such, all genders, politics, income levels and ethnicities can be represented by the Gauntlet. We are truly as representative of the U of C campus as its students desire us to be.

We set out to tell the truth in our news coverage. We are as diligent as we can be in the pursuit of that truth, restricted only by legal constraints. We will not knowingly libel or defame anyone--student, administrator or otherwise. While we often publish articles or material of an opinionated or editorial nature--in keeping with what we hope is our mutual desire to uphold the principles of free speech--our desire to inform, provoke or entertain through opinions and editorials will never intentionally violate any person's rights as protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We have no hidden agenda. The Gauntlet exists to give press to news that affects students and to act as an advocate for the student body. Our coverage of issues that affect U of C students may be extended to include national and international news of importance.

We are only accountable to you, the student. We are not affiliated in any way, shape or form with the University of Calgary. We have complete editorial freedom from the administration of this institution and feel a responsibility to use it. We have been autonomous from the Students' Union since 1987. While they are also a body designed explicitly to act on behalf of students, we will--and have in the past--oppose and criticize the SU when we feel their actions or words are contrary to students' best interests.

The only person or body who can tell us what to do--indeed, halt us in our tracks if they wish--is you. Indeed, we feel you have an obligation to monitor what we do and take appropriate action if you feel we are not doing our job as well as you expect.

Full-time students pay fully one-third of our operating revenue through a $3.50 levy per semester; part-time students pay slightly less. You have the power to take away that levy, should you wish, by receiving sufficient support by way of petition and instigating a sanctioned referendum administered by the Students' Union. You do not have the power to dissolve the Gauntlet, any more than you have the power to dissolve any independent body, but you can take away our privilege of representing you if you feel we abuse this privilege. It is this $3.50 levy that serves as a contract between student body and newspaper. Students support the Gauntlet financially, the Gauntlet acts on their behalf, providing them with what any reasonable person must consider an essential service.

If we haven't emphasized it enough, let us say it one more time. We are your student newspaper. If there is something we do that you don't like, let us know. Write us a letter and take us to task. In the same vein, let us know when we do something well. If you see ways in which you think the Gauntlet could improve, we'd like to hear from you. Of course, the best way to affect the content of the Gauntlet is to join us. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

We look forward to representing you this year.