Women’s Volleyball

Weekend Update

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Writing about the campus women's volleyball team is my claim to fame around here. By "fame" I mean the ability to mock those in my surroundings and by "here" I mean the Gauntlet. Since I write about the team, I get to gloat. This inevitably leads to conflict with my fellow scribes.

Me: "Who finished with an 18--2 record and garroted the University of Winnipeg in two straight matches last weekend?"

News writer: "What are you talking about? The Students' Union?"

I walk away to find someone else.

Me: "Two straight 3--0 sweeps, some ridiculous single set scores too. That's big time. Are you big time?"

Entertainment writer: "What's big time?"

Me: "Krista Kinsman's 14 kills Friday night is big time."

Entertainment writer: "I like Nelly Furtado."

Me: "Shut up."

I walk off to find sports writers, they'll understand.

Me: "Booya! My team got home court throughout the playoffs."

Men's basketball writer: "Playoffs? My team will make playoffs if they split this weekend and another two teams get swept!"

At this point his excited smile morphs into a grotesque sneer.

"Who am I kidding?" he continues, tears welling in his eyes. "My team can't even spell playoffs…

"Write a good story man-do it for the rest of us. Do it for me, do it for Ryan and the women's hockey team. Do it for the swim team and the football guys."

He grasps my hand and holds it intently. He looks like he wants to say something else but his eyes shut and he collapses on the floor. I leave him to his own devices and walk away. His team did this to him. I'm very thankful I have mine.

Rally Points:

With their two victories against the University of Winnipeg, the Dinos secured the best record in the Canada West Conference and a first round playoff bye. Calgary will host the winner of the first round series between the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Winnipeg.

Amanda Moppett was in fine form Saturday night with 13 kills and eight digs. This is encouraging news for Moppett and crew as the captain has struggled with injury throughout the second half of the season.