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October 04, 2001
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Imagine rowing for 24 hours straight but not going anywhere.

Don't worry, it doesn't sound as disappointing when you're the University of Calgary Rowing Club and you've raised over $2,000 for new equipment.

October 04, 2001
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Two Students' Union initiatives wrapped up on Fri., Sept. 28, though neither came to a final conclusion.

Shinerama, the fundraiser for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, ended for the time being on Friday after raising over $2,000.

"I think we did really well," said SU Vice-President Events Chris Kerr. "We have until February to hold events, raise money and meet the $15,000 goal, so we might just do that."

October 04, 2001
  The mouse and the elephantPDF files may take a moment to load

The free trade debates of the early 1990s are now but a blink on the globalization map. We've travelled long roads since then, not the least of which was a path towards increasing harmonization between the United States and Canada.

October 04, 2001
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I am a big baseball fan. If given the opportunity, I could talk your ear off about Cap Anson, Shoeless Joe, Ty Cobb, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron, Sandy Koufax, or Ozzie Smith. My dad and I often get into discussions about who the greatest is. I generally side with Henry Aaron, although there are days I pick Babe Ruth. My dad wavers between Micky Mantle and Willie Mays. If we discuss pitchers, we both agree on the great Los Angeles Dodger lefty Sandy Koufax. Never any disagreement there.



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