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October 04, 2001
  Hallowed old-school punkPDF files may take a moment to load

With the recent surge of punk into mainstream pop-culture, The Black Halos are pulling up the rear and showing what the word punk truly means.

Originally from Vancouver, The Black Halos formed with the idea of starting an old-school punk band. Under the almighty Sub Pop label, the band released their self-titled LP. After three years of heavy touring, The Black Halos are ready to take on audiences with their second release, The Violent Years.

October 04, 2001
  Pints, pubs and PashleyPDF files may take a moment to load

If you are a fan of Oprah's monthly selections, it's best you ignore Notes on a Beermat: Drinking and Why It's Necessary. Likewise, if you're a recovering alcoholic. However, if you lead a simple life and enjoy its smaller pleasures, this compilation of tales, tidbits, history and musings is a must-have.

October 04, 2001
  Driving through thriller stereotypesPDF files may take a moment to load

In a world of rehashed storylines and tired, cliché scripts, a good thriller is hard to find. Fortunately, the stars of Joy Ride are hoping to offer something different to audiences bored with the usual teen horror movies.

"It represents kind of an older thriller," says Steve Zahn, who plays Fuller in the movie. "It's not some complicated story about who did what and who's the killer, or some guy jumping our of a closet with an axe chasing some chick in underwear across a lawn."

October 04, 2001
  Opening the hip-hop marketPDF files may take a moment to load

Hip-hop music and culture in Canada is finally gaining exposure. And according to Canadian artist Jelleestone, it's about time.

"People see the numbers," says the Toronto native, whose album Jelleestone 13 has already enjoyed success on both sides of the border. "I think the labels are like, 'shit, we're letting them go, we gotta get on it,' and they should. We've got a very lucrative market and very talented musicians to support that."

October 04, 2001
  It's been a long time runningPDF files may take a moment to load

Hours away from hitting the stage, Joey Serlin and the rest of the Watchmen are busy breaking in
the Den.

"It's quite the building," Serlin says of the newly renovated campus bar, taking a break from the arcade games upstairs. "The sightlines aren't great, but it's going to be an intimate setting and that's kind of the purpose of these shows."

October 04, 2001
  Blue Rodeo scaling downPDF files may take a moment to load

For many bands, the release of a greatest hits album would be cause for celebration. But for Toronto's country-rock band, Blue Rodeo, it's not of great concern. In fact, according to lead singer Jim Cuddy, things not having to do directly with
the music aren't thought of much at all.

October 04, 2001
  Anything Yukon do P.E.I. CanDu betterPDF files may take a moment to load

In an attempt to generate additional revenue for the federal government, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien announced Monday that he is seriously considering abolishing the province of Prince Edward Island to use the island as a nuclear waste storage facility.

A report issued earlier this month by Finance Minister Paul Martin clearly outlines the potential income from such an operation. The idea behind the plan is to take in politically inconvenient radioactive waste from other nations and store it in Canada for a fee.


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