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September 08, 2011
  London towne's morals are melting downPDF files may take a moment to load

Having been an Anglophile all my life, I identify all that is best of human civilization with what Britain once stood for, a long time ago. Perhaps I happen to be one of the few remaining people in a shrinking group who associate Britain with the finer things in life: great literature, classic rock bands, Radio 4, Earl Grey tea, polite drivers, long walks and an intrinsic sense of courtesy and decency.

September 08, 2011
  Distracted drivers, distracted governmentPDF files may take a moment to load

Applicable to anything defined as a vehicle under Alberta's Traffic Safety Act (yes, bicycles are vehicles too), the distracted driving legislation -- Bill 16 -- limits drivers from a massive swath of activities, including the use of a cellular phone (except when contacting emergency response units); a pda, hand-held or wireless electronic devices, radio communication devices, portable audio players, gps systems, video display screens, logistical tracking systems and dispatching systems; a pet or passenger or object that 'interferes' wi

September 08, 2011
  Epic O-Week continues until FridayPDF files may take a moment to load

Three frosh students sit by the shade of the prairie chicken to enjoy a hamburger lunch. The President's Barbeque was one of the many activities happening this week. More than 4,000 students participated in orientation week. Campus tours, a Campus Carnival, and a Night on the Students' Union were other events taking place. This year's theme was 'Epic.' The theme was inspired by the epic movie genre, encouraging young frosh to be the main character in their 'epic' university journey.

September 08, 2011
  HUNGER HUSHPDF files may take a moment to load

I'm sitting in a Kensington coffee shop when I find out that four grown men have just baked me a pie.

Strawberry-rhubarb, in fact, and lovingly Saran-wrapped with my name carefully hand-printed on a white piece of paper sitting on top of it. And I think to myself, What kind of band is this?

Hunger Hush, like countless other bands that this paper chooses to investigate, is many things: Calgarian. Indie. Made up of four dudes. Willing to pay way too much for a cup of coffee.

September 08, 2011
  Olympic Oval ready for the worldPDF files may take a moment to load

Aleaky roof at the Olympic Oval created bumps and grooves in the ice which caused unwanted obstacles for speed skaters. Since opening 24 years ago, rainy days meant hazardous conditions at the Oval for skaters who often had to dodge pylons and water buckets.

The Olympic Oval just completed its largest project since opening in 1987 for the 1988 Olympics. The $9.7 million project means skaters will be housed under a leak-free roof.

September 08, 2011
  The football season is ready for kickoffPDF files may take a moment to load

The University of Calgary Dino football squad rush into the 2011-12 season with high expectations as an extra push. As the reigning three-straight conference winners and two-time Vanier Cup finalists, the Dinos enter the season with a lot of pressure. In the tough Canada West conference, the Dinos will compete without seven former All-Canadians who either graduated or moved on to the CFL. Head coach Blake Nill remains optimistic, with many new recruits and returning stars ready to carry on the competition.

September 08, 2011
  Longboarders race for gold at the end of the rainbowPDF files may take a moment to load

The International Gravity Sports Association held a longboarding World Cup event at COP on Sept. 2nd-4th. The competition awarded the largest cash prize ever in North America, a whopping $12,000. The course was more technical, with competitors reaching speeds of "only" 70-80 km/h.

September 08, 2011
  Sports games now broadcast livePDF files may take a moment to load

Students across Western Canada now have the opportunity to watch their favourite University sports, regardless of whether they are in attendance or not. All 14 members of the Canada West University Athletic Association, including the University of Calgary, will use CanadaWest.tv as their official web-based broadcast. All Dinos basketball and volleyball home games will be broadcast on the network, along with feature games from a selection of other sports, including hockey, football and soccer.

September 08, 2011
  Dinos men get ready to hit the icePDF files may take a moment to load

In the world of collegiate hockey, the off-season hardly affords time to rest on the laurels of last season, no matter how substantive the accomplishments may have been. With a finite number of eligible years to play, Canada Interuniversity Sport talent is both given and taken away at the end of every season. This constant turnover means that recruiting becomes the most important part of building a championship-calibre team every season.

September 08, 2011
  Grammar nut finally cracksPDF files may take a moment to load

The paper has learned that beloved campus hero and self-proclaimed grammar nut, Geti T. Wright, has apparently suffered a breakdown following exposure to one too many local television personalities. Details of the event are slowly becoming clear. Ms. Alma Parsons, a witness, describes how Mr. Wright was in the lobby of the local television station when he suddenly removed all of his clothes and wildly waved his hands in the air, shrieking "That's bad grammar- do it right! Do it right!


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