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November 14, 2013
  Re: Israel and Sudan refugeesPDF files may take a moment to load

A little clarification, for your one-sided opinion regarding African refugees and Israel. Most of them came from Egypt, because they were being raped and murdered by the Egyptians, after the Muslim Brotherhood took over. Secondly they have come via the Sinai, where they are exploited by the Bedouin and some 200 have been killed. Finally, Sudan does not recognise Israel, and their media is full of the most vile anti-Semitism, so the Israelis are concerned that some of these illegals may have another agenda.


October 30, 2013
  Letter to the editor: provincial government’s arts cuts divisivePDF files may take a moment to load

The Government of Alberta did not cut the arts budget, they cut everyone’s budget. All post-secondary institutions had to make tough choices, and the engineering faculty had to bear their share of the government’s operating grant cut. The $142.5 million investment is an infrastructure investment — a clear priority to the government — regardless of their investment in post-secondary education.


March 13, 2013
  Letter: stinky locker rooms need the SU’s attentionPDF files may take a moment to load

With the victory of Raphael Jacob as the new Students’ Union president, I sincerely hope that money and time is applied to renovate the main locker rooms at the University of Calgary. While a lot of money has been devoted to renovating MacEwan Student Centre, little to no effort has been put towards fixing the locker rooms. These rooms are decrepit, have old showers, horrific smelling bathrooms and, worst of all, many broken lockers. Week after week, no one fixes these problems.


November 15, 2012
  Letter: MacHall renovationsPDF files may take a moment to load

[RE: “Letter: U of C student consultation a farce,” Nov. 1, 2012]

One of the key platform promises of my election as Students’ Union president was to consult students on the future of MacEwan Student Centre because the university had put forward a draft plan for renovations. But that’s exactly what it is — a draft — and exactly why we need students’ opinions on it. 


November 08, 2012
  Letter: U of C student consultation a farcePDF files may take a moment to load

[Re: “Upgrading the heart of campus,” October 16, 2012]

Students are sorely wrong if they are under the impression that the University of Calgary administration is listening to them when it comes to consultation on the future development of MacHall. The university has already developed its plans to introduce and impose these renovations, so whatever students say is highly unlikely to have any impact whatsoever on the final outcome in appearance, utility or cost.


October 11, 2012
  Letter: Innocence questionedPDF files may take a moment to load

[Re: “Innocence of Mohammad,” October 4, 2012]

The article “Innocence of Mohammad” implies that a 15-minute YouTube movie trailer represents some kind of large-scale attack on Islam. I fail to see how a low-budget, obscure movie represents anything other than a case of bizarre expression. The article’s express reference to slavery and insidious reference regarding the Holocaust are wildly overstated and repugnant. 


October 08, 2012
  Web Exclusive: Infidelity is not okay sometimesPDF files may take a moment to load

Re: Infidelity: It's okay sometimes, from Sept 6, 2012 issue.

I agree that monogamy is not for everyone — open and closed relationships are both acceptable. However, infidelity is not an acceptable solution to relationship dissatisfaction, nor does the arguably unrealistic expectation of monogamy excuse such behaviour. Infidelity compromises trust in a relationship, is inherently selfish and causes emotional harm to others.


April 14, 2011
  Lettter: On the Origin of BSDPDF files may take a moment to load

[Story originally published in 2005]

Bermuda Shorts Day began in 1961, when The University of Alberta, Calgary branch, was still on the sait campus. Freshman and Gauntlet Editor-in-Chief of the following publishing year Alan Arthur, who had just bought his first pair of gaudy Bermuda Shorts, wanted to celebrate spring. So he wrote on the main hall blackboard: Tomorrow is Bermuda Shorts Day. Everyone wear Bermuda Shorts.



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