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November 14, 2002
  Our violent worldPDF files may take a moment to load

It takes more and more than just your regular five o'clock news to shock people. So what's the story? Is it news or entertainment? How much substance is there to what you watch on television? Are you being informed or entertained?


March 28, 2002
  Respect, dialogue and understandingPDF files may take a moment to load

I have never been one too shy to express my opinion. But after surveying my surroundings,
I worry that if I ever mention God and sodomy, free will and abortion, penis and anything else related to the male gender in the same sentence, I'll have tomatoes thrown at me.

Can we not explore or discuss certain subjects? Or are some people's perceptions so distorted they lack the rationality, objectivity and ability to understand things they read? What happened to the legitimacy of informed opinion?


January 31, 2002
  Parading idiots and babbling foolsPDF files may take a moment to load

Here's something you don't hear many girls say: If it wasn't for procreation, I would be a lesbian. Now this doesn't have anything to do with my so-called obsession with Britney Spears, I've just officially given up on the male population for reasons most of you would agree with.


December 06, 2001
  Expanding your mindPDF files may take a moment to load

I've lived in Canada for about two and a half years and people always ask the same question: What is a black African female doing in Calgary? Whenever this happens, I'm always caught between my own thoughts on the hypocrisies and shallowness of the West, and my ideas on the misconstrued perception of Africa.

Now I can't speak for the rest of Africa, but what I learned about Western civilization profoundly altered my view of it. However, it has not tarnished my own view of my African roots.


November 08, 2001
  Accepting our violent sexual naturePDF files may take a moment to load

In light of recent campus events, the link between sex and violence is on everyone's mind. Since then, many worried discussions have proven a known truth about human nature: we are inherently flawed.

Our society has created rules, punishments and guilt to "tame" our nature.


October 11, 2001
  Natural womenPDF files may take a moment to load

Being female is hard. Stereotypes of women, including their "obsessions" with body-image, their so-called "place in the kitchen" and their endless household duties, can all be attributed to the media and the many misconstrued perceptions of women they project.


September 13, 2001
  New Den has lost its old cachetPDF files may take a moment to load

Has anyone noticed how the new Den is suddenly a haven for all the "pretty" people that shop at Le Chateau? I'm all for progress and moving with the times, but I didn't know I had to make a stop at "Le Crapeau" to pick up stilettos so I could make my way to the Den on a Thursday night.

The unkempt hair, five o'clock shadows and hoodies of Rez kids and overworked students alike augmented the old Den's grubby appeal. The sleek new digs--carpet-free and oh-so-shiny--are now complemented by all new, squeaky-clean patrons.


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