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  Festivals Of Summer
September 05, 2002
  Shambhala 2002PDF files may take a moment to load

It hit me one night about a week after the fact.

I was sitting in the courtyard of a northwest condo complex, picking the last tasty morsels of lobster out of the delicious creature's claw with a plastic fork. There were a few dozen other people milling about around me, most dressed in nice collared shirts, sun dresses and other semi-formal attire. Not my usual crowd, but a comfortable setting to say the least. It was a cool summer evening and I was lost in my thoughts. 

"Are you Lawrence?" 


August 08, 2002
  A kid from the buckle of the Bible beltPDF files may take a moment to load

Raised religious in Pensacola, Florida, singer/songwriter Jim White has his own style that takes the Fundamentalist imagery of his childhood and seamlessly blends it with his more worldly experiences. White sat down with Gauntlet staffer Chris Morrison at the 2002 Calgary Folk Music Festival for a drink and some pleasant conversation.


August 01, 2002
  2002 Calgary Folk Music FestivalPDF files may take a moment to load

I have my wristband, my pen, my notepad, and my hat. I'm cursing myself for forgetting sun block, which is unforgivable for a pasty white boy like me. Otherwise, I'm ready for the 2002 Calgary Folk Music Festival.


July 25, 2002
  The South Country FairPDF files may take a moment to load

I sat in the middle of the Oldman River, beer in hand, beneath a blazing 35-degree sun and a cloudless sky. I realized that it doesn't get any better than this. With all the time in the world to look around and soak up my surroundings it became clear that this was a universal, not an individual epiphany. Like a motley school of oversized fish, people were littered about the shallow, but quick Southern Alberta river that Saturday afternoon without a care in the world.


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