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September 25, 1999
  The hunt: free stuffPDF files may take a moment to load

"Good evening. Earlier this week, Dr. Brain and I ventured into the Jack Simpson Gymnasium for AIESEC's annual Careers Day. Over 100 companies attended, filling their booths with gimmicks to attract students. As you will see when we roll the clips, thousands of eager beavers were treated to heaps of information on jobs available in the real world. For many soon-to-be-graduates, this is their first opportunity to glimpse what the future holds."

September 23, 1999
  Evan Solomon... Media ProdigyPDF files may take a moment to load

It's 7:30 a.m. and Evan Solomon can't believe I'm awake, let alone conducting an interview. In his words, it's either impressive or sad.

I understand this is not a normal hour for me, but it's two hours later in Toronto, and he still doesn't sound too chipper. But before you peg him as a lazy writer (despite his recent appearance on a magazine of the same name), think again. This man is busy.

September 23, 1999
  Southern comfort: your SU prezPDF files may take a moment to load

The Students' Union President is often thought of as an ambiguous figurehead, lacking personality and a personal life: the person who struts around campus, attends banquets and formal functions, talks to the press, participates in numerous councils and meetings, and is difficult to reach unless you have his cell number.

While this year's SU President Rob South fulfills all such obligations of his current employ, there is much more to the man.

September 23, 1999
  Club me till I'm weekPDF files may take a moment to load

It's that time of year, when the halls are suddenly filled with brightly-coloured booths, displaying their wares to new and old students alike. Yes, Clubs Week is back and from Mon., Sept. 20 to Fri., Sept. 24, clubs are trying to lure students into joining.

"The point of Clubs Week is to create an awareness of clubs and what they offer," said Club Committee Chair Steven Skitch. "It also serves as the Students' Union's welcome to the clubs by providing club seminars and club breakfasts."

September 23, 1999
  Burn Hollywood, Burn.PDF files may take a moment to load

Something many readers may not realize is the Gauntlet is sent hundreds of rap CDs over the course of each year. Record companies send us many, many albums in the hopes of garnering a review. With only a few exceptions, all of them are crappy.

One record we have not received is the new Public Enemy disc There's a Poison Goin on. Recently PE "poisoned" their record deal by ignoring Def Jam Records and releasing their album on the net via MP3.


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