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December 05, 2002
  Crossword: so much more than random wordsPDF files may take a moment to load

Alright kids, the biggest crossword yet is waiting for you to test your skill. For technical... reasons, the grid and the clues are all in seperate image files. What's that? Wouldn't it be easier just to go find an off-line version of the puzzle? Well, yes. But for the rest of you, click below for the files.

The Grid: we warn you... it's the biggest thing you've ever seen.


November 21, 2002
  If your brain isn't fried enough already...PDF files may take a moment to load

Does your head hurt from all your school work? This won't help. Kyle's evil and made this hard.

If you need help, click here for answers.


1. Knowledge for the initiated

5. If you eat too much protein you may get

8. When hippies make money and start dressing nice

9. A bad place to be in a cult

11. A wonderful treat for dessert, also an insignificant b.c. city

13. British beer


October 31, 2002
  Easy, we swearPDF files may take a moment to load

A'ight. The lovely Falice Chin claims this crossword is easier than last week. So, if you thought last week was hard, this might be more your style. If you thought last week was easy, then you definitely won't need the cheat sheet, which you can sneak a peek at here.

Good luck.


2. "Eat my _________"

4. "_______yer booty"

6. Recent target of terrorism

7. A sphere or domain


October 24, 2002
  It ain't gettin' any easierPDF files may take a moment to load

Oh, you're back, huh? Think you're pretty smart, eh?

Well, this is the hardest one yet, we've been told, so go to it, and see how well you do. Answers--if you need them, and you will--are now online!

Have fun.


1. life's certainties:_____and taxes

6. politically correct way of saying before 2000 years ago

8. I bet Harry Potter didn't have to pay tuition here

11. are you?


October 17, 2002
  Think you've got all the answers?PDF files may take a moment to load

Whee! A new crossword puzzle! It's been a few weeks, and we're sorry for that, but don't worry, we'd never let you go too long without a bit of action.

Try your luck, but if you suck, the answers will be both off and on-line next week.


1. Moody 50-year-old women

4. Labio

6. The Great Leap Forward, The Great Cultural Revolution, The Red Army

9. Klein seems to hate this city

10. bbq or question intensely


September 26, 2002
  Fun with letters and numbersPDF files may take a moment to load

More Crossword fun courtesy the lovely Falice Chin. Click on the puzzle to the right for a better version. If you didn' t figure out last week's puzzle the solution is now up.

Attention all lazy/stupid/ect. people, the answers for this puzzle are linked below. There's no new puzzle this week, but check back next week!


2. Where the soap comes from

3. French for "late"

4. Hook's nemesis


September 19, 2002
  Feeling clever?PDF files may take a moment to load

Think you're pretty smart, huh? Clues are below, click on the image to the right for a higher res copy of the puzzle. Answers--not that you need them--will be on and off-line next week.


1. Crappy Ford van

4. 90.9 fm

9. Hello

10. United Nations

12. Favourite bedroom sound

13. Final Fantasy X-"he's my old man."

14. "To be or ___ to be"

15. "Word up, ____."

17. A major division of time


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