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December 05, 2002
  Bismarck adventurePDF files may take a moment to load

If you have access to the Discovery Channel this weekend, you can catch the work of University of Calgary professors Dr. David Bercuson and Dr. Holger Herwig.

The professors were part of a crew that visited the wreck of the Second World War German battleship the Bismarck with Hollywood director James Cameron in May and June of this year. The trip was filmed by Cameron and will air as a documentary on the Discovery Channel this Sunday.


November 28, 2002
  Canadian military in AfghanistanPDF files may take a moment to load

To hear Commodore Jean-Pierre Thiffault tell it, Canada contributed a lot more to the War on Terror than the Americans let on.

Thiffault is the Assistant Chief of the Maritime Staff for Canada's military, and served as the Canadian Commander of Joint Task Force South West Asia during the first part of Operation Apollo in Afghanistan. He offered his own perspective into the events leading up to and during the war in Afghanistan, at the University of Calgary earlier this week.


November 14, 2002
  Student battles CanadaPDF files may take a moment to load

This week, as we remembered those who fought and died for Canada, one U of C student is not singing the praises of the Canadian Armed Forces. Darrell Knight, a former member of the Canadian Army Reserves turned U of C English major, grieves the loss of Canada's fallen soldiers, yet he stands, feet firmly planted, with his back turned on our country's military bureaucracy.


October 10, 2002
  Canada's obsolete army?PDF files may take a moment to load

The validity of Canada's armed forces has been called into question in the aftermath of September 11. As the United States' closest neighbours, we have been expected to contribute a response to the attacks. Many feel Canada's military is unqualified to aid the American effort, while others feel that Canada even having a military in this era is outdated.


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