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April 05, 2012
  Who are these Kasabian guys, anyway?PDF files may take a moment to load

We've all done it. We've all played Rock Band at a party with just a little too much swag, picking up that shiny toy guitar with the coloured frets and imagining ourselves shredding under iridescent stage lights for a moshing crowd. Despite the fact that you knew you were just playing a game, you still felt like a badass.

That surge of excitement is what thrills four-piece English rock group Kasabian about touring North America for the first time in five years, complete with a stop in Calgary.

April 05, 2012
  If you don't know, now JunoPDF files may take a moment to load

Canada's 2012 Juno Awards went off without a hitch. Festivities have been popping up for months in anticipation of one final sparkly shebang in Ottawa, a city that's impossible to hate even as it snowed Sunday like some sort of cruel April Fool's gag.

The Gauntlet, your favourite student-run weekly rag, somehow managed to scrounge up a media pass. While we weren't allowed to crash Sunday's bash, one reporter took the opportunity to skip some midterms and went behind-the-scenes during nearly everything else.


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