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March 26, 1999
  Stellar but not perfectPDF files may take a moment to load

It must be difficult for visitors to associate Calgary with its "Cow
Town" nickname if they happened to be at the opening night of Carmen
on Saturday, Mar. 22.

This is the third production in the 27th season of the Calgary Opera.
The opening night, with its natural hype, was further propelled by the enthusiasm
of a solid crowd. Carmen is an opéra comique composed by Georges
Bizet, though few know that it is based primarily on a novella of the same
title by the French author Prosper Mérimée. Perhaps one of

March 26, 1999
  Confusing lingoPDF files may take a moment to load

"Huh?" This was my recurring thought as I watched Beautiful
Lake Winnipeg. In the second week of its run at the Pleiades Theatre, the
play is one that goes on and on and on.

Showcasing people suffering from a depraved human condition, the performance
centres on a couple who "get high" by playing mental games with
unknowing prey. Beginning with Ian (Trevor Rueger) and his finacée
Alida (Natascha Girgis) arriving at her cottage, the play presents what

March 26, 1999
  Fantasy come truePDF files may take a moment to load

Annoyed by having to watch local "personalities," Carter Brown
and Angela Kokot blunder their way through the introductions to the press
screening of 20 Dates, I expected the worst from this unheralded, low-budget
film the Buzz editors had thrown at my feet like unwanted slaughterhouse
remnants. Was I ever wrong.

20 Dates is one of the freshest, funniest and most original movies I
have seen in ages. In "docu-drama" format, 20 Dates, written,
directed and starring Myles Berkowitz, focuses on Berkowitz's foray into

March 26, 1999
  The Puffy-daddy of them allPDF files may take a moment to load

You want to make a CD? An interesting project, but where do you start.

According to André Rodrigues, executive producer of The Puffy
Room: Music from the motion picture, the first thing you need is money.

"We took out a small business loan," said Rodrigues.

What next?

"A hell of a lot of footwork and lots of running around," said
Producer Kirk Thurbide. "It was a matter of learning what needed to
be done from recording to funding to graphic design."


March 26, 1999
  Women rulePDF files may take a moment to load

Women rule. We can say this now, but try expressing this sentiment in
16th century England. Even the strongest of women had difficulty asserting
their power in such a male dominated society.

There has been a recent revival of English historical dramas where the
lives of strong women have been examined. The movies Elizabeth and Shakespeare
In Love are prime examples. Add to this list the play Mary Stuart by Dacia
Maraini, being performed at the Reeve Theatre. The play explores the lives

March 26, 1999
  My boyfriend say so tooPDF files may take a moment to load

Editors, the Gauntlet

A recent Gauntlet article illustrated the pet peeve women have with men who don't call. Since we're airing grievances on the opposite sex, I would like to file a complaint about the usage of the word "boyfriend" among some of the females among us.

Now let me explain. I'm not saying that boyfriend/girlfriend is a term that should be removed from the lexicon of interaction, just that there should be some rules to govern its use.


March 26, 1999
  Why all the flag waving?PDF files may take a moment to load

Nationalism confuses me. It doesn't take much to confuse me, really, so perhaps I should further qualify that statement. Try as I might, I just can't understand the nationalistic urges that work people into such a frenzy that they're willing to undertake unspeakable atrocities against their fellow man. When I read about the stuff going on in the world, I sometimes think nationalism is more trouble than it's worth.

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