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January 15, 2009
  Book mixes ancient print with post-it notesPDF files may take a moment to load

Print technology has revolutionized the transmission of knowledge, transforming the once exclusive literary process into an open marketplace of ideas.

The Chinese published the earliest known printed book in 868 CE, The Diamond Sutra. Johannes Gutenberg produced his own printing press using metal movable print in 1440, catapulting the convention of printing into main stream Europe.


February 27, 2003
  New library code of conductPDF files may take a moment to load

Surfing for porn will still be inappropriate under the library's new code of conduct.

The Library Committee of the General Faculties Council approved the document on Feb. 11, and the Students' Academic Assembly voted in favor of it on Mon., Feb. 24.

"It's a conglomeration of existing rules," said student representative Chris Blaschuk. "It sets up expectations of students going to the library and gives staff expectations."


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