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April 01, 2004
  Motherhood's no cakewalkPDF files may take a moment to load

Imagine building a soul inside of you. Slowly creating fingers and toes, a life that will last decades. While you sit reading the paper or stand in line at the grocery store, you are making a person, a little being that will grow and smile and laugh and hate and cry and be in the world because of you.


March 25, 2004
  The value of happinessPDF files may take a moment to load

I used to be in love with a man--a boy, really. I loved him for all three years of high school and all the summers in between. I was dramatically, faithfully, if-I-can't-date-him-I'll-die in love.

But I never did date him, funnily enough. Never got a chance to kiss him or even hold his hand.

We were close, but never close enough to actually make the leap. Timing was always off. One of us would be halfheartedly in a relationship going nowhere, if only to prove to the other that we were desirable.


March 04, 2004
  The frightening naked truthPDF files may take a moment to load

It takes courage to tell the stories no one else does. The stories where maybe your face didn't seem as bright as you wished it did or where you ended up with skinned knees through no fault of your own. It takes courage to tell about the times you didn't have the right words to spit back or the strength to stand up for yourself in yet another battle. It takes courage to say you didn't have the energy to put on yet another suit of armor.


February 26, 2004
  The truth about knowledgePDF files may take a moment to load

Write what you know. This is the advice given to aspiring authors: write what you know. I am newly 20, haven't traveled extensively, know only two languages and am not yet finished school. What do I know?

I know a little of love, but it is the kind people laugh at afterwards. The young kind. The lazy, infatuated, impetuous kind. Everyone, it seems, knows a truer love than this and I must suppose them to be right. So I do not truly know about love.


February 05, 2004
  Giving up on it allPDF files may take a moment to load

Well, here I am, halfway through another school year. At times the road ahead seems endless, stretching out in front of me punctuated with exams, classes I never go to and deadlines I have a harder time meeting with each passing day.

When will it all be over? And what the hell am I going to do with a Bachelor of ArtS in Sociology? It's almost as useful as a degree in philosophy or art.


January 15, 2004
  The beauty beneathPDF files may take a moment to load

Isn't it enough to live in a world where we are all judged harshly and cruelly on our outward appearances? A world where our insecurities fuel innumerable multi-million dollar industries created to sculpt, disguise, change, flaunt and otherwise alter our outward appearance to fit a narrowly defined standard of beauty. Isn't it enough that we all harbour some small place within us that is terrified, horribly terrified, of being thought of as, dare I say it, ugly?


December 04, 2003
  Xmas with perksPDF files may take a moment to load

Jesus versus Santa Claus. No, it's not a special holiday installment of Celebrity Boxing, it's the battle silently taking place in many homes that celebrate Christmas each year.

As our culture has grown increasingly secular, we have discarded the reasons for the holidays, replacing the religious meaning with candy and gifts. We've traded the "eternal salvation" offered by the Church and replaced it with the instant gratification offered by Joe Retailer.


November 27, 2003
  A global potluckPDF files may take a moment to load

For those who oppose globalization, one of the biggest concerns associated with the concept is Westernization, or worse-- Americanization. One of the arguments that seems to surface every time the dirty G-word is mentioned is the hell that will ensue if globalization continues and every city in the world has a McDonald's at one end of the street, a Starbucks at the other and a Gap sandwiched in between.



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