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  Mens Volleyball
January 22, 2004
  Volleysaurs pushed to extinctionPDF files may take a moment to load

"Dino Extinction Tour."

It's a popular shirt for $20 in the University of Alberta gym. The simple white tee sports a fossilized Rex and the dates the Dinos men's volleyball team meet the University of Alberta Golden Bears this season. Hurtful enough to make a Dinos fan angry. True enough to make him cry.


January 15, 2004
  Swept aside by flatlandersPDF files may take a moment to load

The University of Saskatche- wan Huskies brought out their big brooms to sweep the Dinos men's volleyball team out of the Jack Simpson Gymnasium Jan. 9-10, dropping the volleysaurs to seventh in the country.

"We ran into the best serving team in the conference," commented Head Coach Greg Ryan about the victorious Huskies. "They were really solid."


December 04, 2003
  Sweet, sweet vengeancePDF files may take a moment to load

With the Dino Cup dunce cap still firmly on their heads, the male volleysaurs had a bone to pick with the Spartans--and they picked it... kinda.

"We should have beaten Trinity [Western University] in the Dino Cup," said Head Coach Greg Ryan. "It's all a function of being solid and consistent."


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