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July 29, 2004
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The Students' Union attempted to do great things this week. Unfortunately this included unconstitutional legislation.

After over a month of toil, SU President Bryan West brought his revised election bylaws to the Students' Legislative Council to be muddied and confused with a flurry of on-the-fly amendments.


May 20, 2004
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The V8less Urban Battle in the Olympic Oval May 15 was like a mix between The Fast and the Furious and 8 Mile--only this time it was 80 per cent adolescent Asians.


April 15, 2004
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Pro cycling is addled with dope.

I'm sure some would argue against that statement, and I'm sure there are a couple of riders in the pro peloton who abstain. But with all of the fiascos, deaths and confessions that have popped up lately, I don't see how the majority of pro cyclists can possibly be clean.


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