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March 01, 2007
  Women's Hockey: Dinos done for the seasonPDF files may take a moment to load

It was a long season and the team came a long way, but the sounds of sticks, skates and slapshots won't be heard in the early hours of the Olympic Oval anytime soon: the University of Calgary women's hockey team won't be playing any more hockey games this spring.

March 01, 2007
  Men's Hockey: Hockeysaurs poised to take CWPDF files may take a moment to load

The Dino must have seen his shadow early in February, as winter has finally thawed for the University of Calgary men's hockeysaurs, who were able to claw their way back into the win column. The Dinos lost an embarrassing eight straight games to close out the regular season, as well as the first game of the post season, but the Dinos pulled it together and rediscovered the key to their early season success. By defeating the University of Regina Cougars during Feb.

March 01, 2007
  Ladies wrassle their way to the top of Canada WestPDF files may take a moment to load

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte

The Dinos women’s wrestling team had an opportunity to display their ability in Saskatoon when they travelled east to take on their western Canada opponents in the Canada West finals. The result was a gold medal for the ladies, their fourth first-place finish of the season.

March 01, 2007
  Dino ladies golden, Zelinka superbPDF files may take a moment to load

“All who surrender will be spared; whoever does not surrender but opposes with struggle and dissension, shall be annihilated.”
-Genghis Khan, Mongolian cannibal

Not having the wits to surrender, the University of Calgary Dinos’ women’s track and field team’s Canada West opposition struggled and were annihilated.

March 01, 2007
  The road to a national titlePDF files may take a moment to load

The last stop of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport women's volleyball season rests in Calgary for the second season in a row. This year, the Dinos are hoping to grab the top prize, improving upon the surprising bronze they received last year. Unfortunately, seven of the country's top teams stand in their way. With the amount of parity in the CIS, it's hard to predict who will emerge victorious. It's going to be a long and bumpy road for whoever takes away the gold. The Gauntlet is here with a look at all eight teams.

March 01, 2007
  Naughty nurses ixnayedPDF files may take a moment to load

Years after the University of Alberta's Med Show sang its controversial swan song, Calgary's future doctors have to watch their step as they take the stage.

Often associated with its risque reputation, Med Show is an annual three-day variety show which raises funds for medical student initiatives while showcasing their lesser-known talents.

March 01, 2007
  Shell CEO brings Ferrari, $1.15 million to U of CPDF files may take a moment to load

Free pizza, a Ferrari and three free trips to the oil sands in a private jet were just part of Shell Canada's forum announcing a $1.15 million investment to the University of Calgary's Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy Mon., Feb. 26.

"This is one of many such announcements that have been made by Shell and that will be made by Shell," said ISEEE managing director Dr. Robert Mansell.

March 01, 2007
  First rez, next the world!PDF files may take a moment to load

Three rez kids will lead the Students' Union next year, though they promise not to do it wearing pajama pants and flip-flops.

Three of the five executive elected in the SU general election are members of the Residence Students' Association, including president-elect Julie Bogle, who edged out her nearest competitor by a mere 20 votes. Results were announced in the Den Thur., Feb. 15.



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