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March 06, 2008
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I remember watching Saved By the Bell as a kid thinking Zach Morris' mobile phone was totally awesome. I couldn't wait until I could have a phone I could carry around wherever I wanted. The brick-sized phone from the early '90s has since become an icon of the dawning of an era of increased connectivity to the rest of the world, and comes with a certain degree of hilarity when we consider our colour-screened, text-message-sending, movie-capturing, Internet-browsing, chocolate-bar-shaped cellular phones we have today.


March 06, 2008
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The University of Calgary hockeysaurs headed east to take on the University of Saskatchewan Huskies in a rematch of last year's Canada West Semifinals Feb. 29 to Mar. 1. The Dinos were looking to redeem themselves, after being swept out of the playoffs. Unfortunately, history was due to repeat itself, as the Huskies took the opening game in a 5-3 victory Fri. night and they ended the Dinos comeback season with a 5-2 triumph the following night.

March 06, 2008
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Hopes for a berth at the CIS men's basketball national championship for the University of Calgary Dinos took a major blow as they lost to the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds by a score of 77-69 in the Canada West semifinals and 97-83 to the Brandon University Bobcats in the bronze medal game Feb. 29 and Mar. 1. Had the Dinos won the game on Fri. night, they would have been guaranteed a spot at nationals. That loss combined with the defeat against the Bobcats means that they will now have to watch the tournament on TV.

March 06, 2008
  Redrawing Alberta: Colouring in the linesPDF files may take a moment to load

Seventy-two to nine to two-the final score line after the dust settled on the 2008 provincial election. After a month of campaigning, only 41 per cent of registered voters turned out and elected a government that looks markedly similar to the one Alberta had after the 2001 election, which saw the Progressive Conservative party take 74 seats instead of 72, the Alberta Liberal Party taking seven seats instead of nine and the NDP taking two in both elections.

March 06, 2008
  SU View: Enviropalooza--Oilsands Awareness WeekPDF files may take a moment to load

Your finger is on the button. As an Albertan you make decisions that significantly impact the environment and economy on a global scale. You have this massive power because you help make decisions about the Alberta oilsands. How we handle this resource is pivotal to the world economy and environment. The best decisions are those made based on knowledge and the right information. Beginning on Mon., the Students' Union is holding Enviropalooza: Oilsands Awareness Week Mar. 10 to 14.

March 06, 2008
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As perhaps the only thing more terrifying than Stelmach with 61 seats is Stelmach with 72 seats, it's about now when everyone realizes the one thing all young progressives in this city eventually realize:

it's time to move to British Columbia.

March 06, 2008
  SPUN: The KillersPDF files may take a moment to load

Most bands dream to be famous enough to release an album full of B-sides. The reason is, of course, that it's one of the rare occasions where a band can put their out crappiest material and have it sell due to their boisterous fanbase. The Killers may or may not be popular enough to pull off a B-sides album, but they've released Sawdust anyway.


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