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February 07, 2002
  The best things in life aren’t so freePDF files may take a moment to load

How do you like your water? Britaish? Dasanified? Evianed? Or, are you one of them wholesome and simple folk? You're like Gandhi and the tap does you just fine.

No matter where you choose to drink your water the fact is barring a miracle from activist groups at the upcoming World Water Forums, our source of life will soon be a commodity. If water becomes "commodified" it will be available for purchase and sale in our ever popular "global marketplace." Who the fuck cares, you may say? We should.


January 17, 2002
  Universal transit before Universal PassPDF files may take a moment to load

The beloved U-Pass has once again reared its ugly head. If passed in an upcoming referendum, the U-Pass will cost every student at this school about $50 a semester-no opt-outs allowed. In all its wisdom, the U-Pass is supposed to make it cheaper for students to ride Calgary Transit.

In truth, it will only make Calgary Transit more money while providing the same pathetic service.


December 06, 2001
  The tired, unwashed masses: Students aren't apathetic, just tired and overworkedPDF files may take a moment to load

Campus on a late Friday afternoon bears more resemblance to a ghost town than a leading research university. It's embarrassing how quickly students flee once class is out. A "commuter campus" is one common explanation. Student apathy is another term bandied about. But what is at the root of the problem? Do University of Calgary students really care? Are we oblivious to our surroundings? Do we prefer reruns to Dinos games?

Possibly. Or maybe we're just tired.


December 06, 2001
  Holiday wishes from the galleryPDF files may take a moment to load

Dear Students' Legislative Council:

I've been sitting in that gallery watching you do your thing on Tuesday nights for almost a year now. In that year, I've missed only one meeting, but as you know, I'm not allowed to speak. Now, I'm taking advantage of the only outlet I have to impart some suggestions and observations to you. You may find me preachy or condescending; but I've been listening to you for 12 months, so suck it up.


November 29, 2001
  Legislating the death of freedomPDF files may take a moment to load

In the last few weeks, I've come to realize something incredibly sad. If the Liberal government passes Bills C-36 and C-35 into law, I will no longer have many of the rights I immigrated to this country for.


November 29, 2001
  Is the Lady of the House in?PDF files may take a moment to load

An otherwise peaceful and productive weekend was ruined for me when, during a perfectly civil disagreement with an associate, he told me that "women's personalities are not suited for federal level political leadership."

I was positively stunned but quickly regrouped and asked a few questions.


November 22, 2001
  Carpool instead of complainingPDF files may take a moment to load

What's the only thing worse than Calgary's traffic problems? All the whining and grumbling about
Calgary's traffic problems.

For some reason, people have the misguided belief that everyone around them needs to hear their traffic horror stories. Everyone needs to hear why Deerfoot sucks and should be a six-lane freeway stretching from Harvest Hills to Bridlewood or how they were stuck in traffic for a whole hour. Most Torontonians would give their left arm to have such a short commute.


November 08, 2001
  Balancing feminism and a love lifePDF files may take a moment to load

I had a peculiar sort of awakening last week when an associate grumbled to me that, for a feminist, I didn't have very good control of my man.

My immediate response was to sit and blink a lot. Very quickly. The response was unremarkable and less than dynamic, but it characterized the sum of activity going on upstairs. If I tried to represent it in an audio format, it would sound a lot like white noise. I was stymied.


October 25, 2001
  The invisible victorPDF files may take a moment to load

Osama bin Laden is winning the war.

Not a war with bombs and blood, but a war where silent fears seize the United States. People are more aware they're entering tall buildings; they suspect planes that are flying too low. The dark-skinned man in the parking lot must be a terrorist. There could be anthrax in that package.



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