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January 31, 2002
  Talkin’ trashPDF files may take a moment to load

One of the lesser known organizations on campus is the Campus Recycling Board (CRB). The major goal of this board is to promote awareness and education about the environmental challenges facing this university.


January 24, 2002
  Why MacEwan Hall took so damn long to buildPDF files may take a moment to load

If you check the weather channel you will discover that hell has not, in fact, frozen over. But lo and behold on Wed., Jan. 23, MacEwan Hall opened. It is a saga that has seen six Students' Union executives, three university Presidents, and more frustrated Gauntlet writers than you can fit into the Den. What started off as a twinkle in the eye of the SU was subsequently passed by students in a referendum in 1995. What developed from that was a design that did not fully meet the SU's needs.


January 17, 2002
  Alcohol consumption under microscopePDF files may take a moment to load

With a fancy, splashy new bar, come fancy, splashy new problems. You may notice that you now only have until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights to purchase alcohol in the Den. On Thu., Jan. 10, a special meeting of the Alcohol Policy Committee (a university committee) was called to address some issues involving violence surrounding alcohol on campus. Since September 2001, there have been a number of assaults on Campus Security officers.


January 10, 2002
  Get a life!PDF files may take a moment to load

So now that school is back in session and you’re gearing up to spend all your time studying, take a moment to answer the following questions.
1. You are one of those students that goes to class and immediately goes home to study. True/False
2. You do not know anyone in your class except that guy who is also in your other four classes, but you’ve never had a conversation with him so it does not count. True/False
3. The lack of "fun" in your life has a positive correlation with when you began university. True/False


December 06, 2001
  BSD, make way for SPD PDF files may take a moment to load

As another semester winds down, I know what you need. You need to relax. What better way to relax this Dec. 7 than in a styling pair of snow pants surrounded by friends and getting goofed? That's right people. The second annual Snow Pants Day is upon us. Time for one last kick before you buckle down for finals.


November 08, 2001
  You're invited to a free breakfastPDF files may take a moment to load

What would you say if I tried to convince you the sky was red? Probably something along the lines of "nice try, Bladek." If I tried to tell you I had an elephant stuck up my bum? "Yer nuts, Bladek." If I told you that over half of the students on campus have public student loans? "Yer cut off, Bladek."


November 01, 2001
  Nominate a kick-ass prof for an awardPDF files may take a moment to load

Ever had a professor who has had a real effect on you? You know, one who tells a story that causes a sardonic smile to cross your face at 8:35 on a Tuesday morning in Political Theory. Or the one who helped you finally make sense of Synthetic
Geometry. What about the one who made you want to change your major to their field?


October 25, 2001
  Students Union pushes for no tuition increasePDF files may take a moment to load

Tuition consultation is something that happens every year between the Students' Union and university administration. The purpose of consultation is to make both sides aware of pressures students and the university face in terms of tuition. There is also a loosely stated goal of coming to agreement on an acceptable level of tuition increase to be recommended by administration to the Board of Governors.



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