Management may pay another fee

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

Another fee may be coming. Don’t panic–it only applies to Management undergraduates, and even then, it’s optional.

In a recent referendum held for Management students at the University of Calgary, 78 per cent of the 12 per cent of Management students who voted agreed to a $25 per semester for full-time students ($10 part time students).

"The benefit is directly at the undergraduate student level," said Chair of the Faculty of Management Undergraduate Students’ Endowment Fund Committee Joe Fairleigh. "It would be an optional–more of a donation in a sense. If students can’t afford it, they still benefit from it–it’s not just restricted."

The proposed fund would be operated by a committee composed of Management students, faculty and alumni. Students would come forward with suggestions and proposals by filling out a form. Some examples of suggestions include things like more updated technology, or even a study lounge.

"It would open to all students through filling out a form–we’re trying to make it that simple," said Fairleigh. "We want it to be open."

Part of the process of securing the levy includes gaining approval from administration and perhaps even the Students’ Union.

"There are three groups on campus that can levy fees: The Board of Governors; the su; and The U of C Faculty Association," said Students’ Union President Paul Galbraith. "We expect that this levy will have to be approved by the su or BoG before it’s collected. We have made it clear to Management and we’ll make it clear to them again."

Galbraith said that it was the su’s responsibility to ensure that all levies collected on campus are fair to all students.

"We want to assure all types of students affected or potentially affected by a levy have the option to vote on a levy before institutionalization," said Galbraith.

If all things proceed as expected, the levy may be in place as early as January.

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