Know these names

By Myke Atkinson

Matt Stambaugh, President of the Students’ UnionJoin his Fan Club! phone: 403-220-7048 email: Dr. Harvey Weingarten, President of the University of Calgary phone:403-220-5460 Myke Atkinson, Arrogant Gauntlet Arts and Entertainment Editor, CJSW Radio Personalityphone: 220-4376 email: Jack Neumann, Dinos Sports Information Directorphone: 403-220-3424 email: Jason “Big Daddy” Mayer, Den Bartendercontact: the… Continue reading Know these names

SU Fees

By the SU

Where does your SU fee go? Read below, or go to the site we “adapted” this from.The Students’ Union General Fee ($33.00 FT / $14.50 PT) This fee pays for MacEwan Student Centre and subsidize the operating costs of the SU.NUTV ($3.50 FT / $3.25 PT) This fee is used for general operating expenses of… Continue reading SU Fees


By Dale Miller

MacEwan HallA&W (for the love of god I hope you know) • The Cedars Falafel Hut (mediterranean) • Coffee Company (ummm..) • Cookie Nook (fresh-baked goodies) • The Cove (old hotdogs and slushes) • Dairy Queen/Orange Julius (they have a menu) • Den/Black Lounge (full out eatery) • Kobe Beef (oriental food) • Love Me… Continue reading Hungry?

Important phone numbers

By Everyone!

Gauntlet: 220-7750CJSW request line: 220-3991NUTV: 220-3398U of C President Dr. Harvey Weingarten: 220-5460SU President Matt Stambaugh: 220-7048Campus Security: 220-5333Premier Ralph Klein: 780-427-2251Panago Pizza: 310-0001Learning Minister Lyle "Bubba" Oberg: 780-427-2025Calgary Birth Control Association: 283-5580U of C Registrar’s Office: 220-5517U of C Body Bequeathal Program: 220-6895Pepsi (Calgary Office): 279-1500Dinos Info: 220-DINODial a Beer: 289-1136Wicker Land: 258-2506Dr. Rory… Continue reading Important phone numbers


By Corinna Callsen

So you’re new here and you’re supposed to write your first paper, make a presentation or just want to know something in greater detail. If so, this article is for you.A disturbingly large number of second, third and possibly fifth-year students have never set foot inside the library at the University of Calgary. Well, I… Continue reading Library

Student journalism good

By Tyler Stiem

Late production night. You’re sitting in front of a computer screen until your brain becomes deoxygenated because of the lousy air-circulation system, in old MacEwan Hall then as your butt goes numb and your neck aches and as you’re typing up that last minute article while the deadline creeps up on you like the wolfman… Continue reading Student journalism good

Private places for private parts

By Darby Sawchuk

Having sex, bumping uglies, stocking the stink wallet, dipping the cone, hiding the love sausage, poking the whiskers, making nice-nice, doing the horizontal hokey-pokey, makin’ bacon, humping, copulating, making whoopee, getting laid, riding, shagging, fornicating, screwing, fucking. Whatever you call it, it usually amounts to inserting tab a into slot b.You’re sitting in your afternoon… Continue reading Private places for private parts

Looking at porn

By Nicole Kobie

Odds are, you will use a computer while on campus. Regardless of why you need to use university computers, you’re taking up space. Understandably, there are more people than computers on campus. Stupidly, everyone on campus wants to use them at the same time. This leads to lineups, a regular phenomenon at the major labs–the… Continue reading Looking at porn

You’re a starving student, living alone

By Tyler Stiem

So you crave the bohemian squalor of Henry Miller’s Paris circa 1930, huh? You’ve rented some filthy little basement suite with Calvin Klein-esque trés-faux wall paneling. There’s a bare mattress flopped haphazardly on the floor. Instead of washing dishes, you wait until they present a marked E. coli danger, then throw them away. Macaroni is… Continue reading You’re a starving student, living alone