Reader response

By A.M. Counsell

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "Day did it legally," Jan. 18, 2001 What rich irony that Kris Kotarski’s defence of Stockwell Day’s use of public funds to defend his libel suit is printed immediately beside a polemic against bias and concentrated ownership of the media. Kotarski grossly misrepresents the facts when he erroneously proclaims that "…Day’s… Continue reading Reader response

Reader responses

By Matt Vernon

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "Bad Kitty, can I buy a pack of smokes?" Jan. 18, 2001 I enjoy reading Headspin. I especially enjoyed this edition because it made me angry. The more I examine "Bad Kitty…" the more my shock and distaste over such a fallacious abuse of logic causes the words to completely lose… Continue reading Reader responses

Reader responses

By Matt Vernon

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "Bad Kitty, can I buy a pack of smokes?" Jan. 18, 2001 Ruth Davenport’s most recent contribution to the Gauntlet is a delightful romp through the world of hack journalism. [Her column] is chockfull of specious logic, flawed reasoning and Herculean feats of linguistic tap dancing. As stupid a name as… Continue reading Reader responses

The gene scene

By Aida Sadr

While the commodification of life seems like somewhat of an offensive notion to most people, the reality is that living organisms and their cellular components have been objects of commerce for a couple of decades now. Since 1980, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that scientists could patent living material, the U.S. Patent and Trademark… Continue reading The gene scene

Think before you swipe

By Вen Li

Don’t swipe that card.Every time you save 2.5 per cent by using your "frequent shopper card," you lose a bit of yourself to the marketdroids whose raison d’être is to scavenge every bit of information they can about you.Some might say that if the big chain bookstore knew about every book you’ve purchased, they would… Continue reading Think before you swipe

USA in crisis

By Еvan Osentоn

Exciting news this week as both fringes of American politics prepare for the apocalypse. On the extreme right-wing, brand-spanking new president George W. Bush is wringing his hands as he awaits the result of the Miami Herald’s impending recount of tens of thousands of contentious Floridian votes. Thank extraordinarily liberal access- to-information laws in the… Continue reading USA in crisis

Bend over and cough

By Editorial

On the very same day the Klein government proudly trumpeted their $7 billion surplus, University of Calgary students received word their tuition is going to go up again next year–by approximately $140 for full-time students.So begins another chapter in what some of us in the academic world call "The Alberta Disadvantage."News of our latest cost… Continue reading Bend over and cough

Stick this in yer pipe and smoke it

By Ruth Davenport

Another week, another controversy, another leg to hump. This time, City Council is contemplating a bylaw that would drive smokers from the embrace of friendly havens to the less accommodating outdoors. Predictably, radio morning shows have been awash with smokers grumbling about the prospect of having to risk hypothermia to engage in their cancerous pastime.… Continue reading Stick this in yer pipe and smoke it

Skating with a vengence

By Matt Mitschke

The exciting city of Winnipeg is a faraway adventure for most people. However, at this year’s Canadian Figure Skating Championships, University of Calgary student Ryan Nieckar and his partner Stacey Bridge looked right at home. Competing in the Junior Dance event, Bridge and Nieckar moved up in the standings throughout the week, which is unusual… Continue reading Skating with a vengence