Busking is bustling

By Ryan Pike

The romantic image of the guitar player, armed with only his wits and his instrument, travelling around the countryside has been engraved in the minds of musicians and fans alike since the days of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Bo Diddley’s classic 1960 album, Have Guitar Will Travel. In an era of electronic beeps and… Continue reading Busking is bustling

TV airwaves: the way of the future

By Christian Louden

The technology that promises to open up a new Internet broadband pipe worldwide-dubbed TV white space-has become a hot topic of debate in the United States, pitting computer and Internet technology industries against television broadcasters and manufacturers of wireless audio systems.Specifically, white space refers to the unlicensed portion of the radio spectrum between television channels.… Continue reading TV airwaves: the way of the future

The end of the reel

By Ryan Pike

Film is the magic medium. It’s an art form limited only by the creator’s imagination. It’s a fusion of painting, photography, theatre, music and writing. Film can bring delight to children and melancholy to adults. Ever since the earliest Lumiere films scared audiences with the first moving images of a train looming into the screen,… Continue reading The end of the reel

Slippin’ and slidin’ back to Sled Island

By Amanda Hu

Calgary’s own hipster-haven music festival is making preparations to slide back into the summer. The second annual Sled Island festival announced its preliminary lineup as well as some very unique additions to the event’s already successful format Wed., Mar. 26. The undertaking, scheduled for Jun. 25-28, garnered surprise and excitement, announcing acts like Of Montreal,… Continue reading Slippin’ and slidin’ back to Sled Island

Mount Royal closes season with daring play

By Ryan Pike

A common saying in the entertainment industry is “sex sells.” Historically, though, sexual content in a play often coincides with that play shutting down early. Such acclaimed works as Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, George Bernard Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession and Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire have seen productions ground to a halt on account of… Continue reading Mount Royal closes season with daring play