Spun: Russian Futurists

By Matthew Richards

The name is deceiving — out of the solid Toronto scene rise the Russian Futurists. The Weight’s on the Wheels is their first full album since 2005, but picks up exactly where they left off with their trademark synth-driven, indie-pop sound. The album starts with a blast in “Hoeing Weeds, Sowing Seeds,” setting a pace… Continue reading Spun: Russian Futurists

Spun: Syd Barrett

By Ken Clarke

Pink Floyd co-founder and lunatic Syd Barrett was an integral contributor to the Floyd’s first two albums, but Barrett left in a drug-induced haze to work on solo material. He missed Floyd’s later fame and fortune, his solo career went nowhere and he died in relative obscurity in 2006. David Gilmour, who replaced Barrett in… Continue reading Spun: Syd Barrett

Spun: Magnetic Man

By Nick Beaver

Over the past few years or so, dubstep has been on its way to the big time, finally getting the credit it truly deserves. With the unveiling of Magnetic Man, comprised of Benga, Skream and Artwork — three of several genre pioneers — and the release of their eponymous debut album on the horizon, it… Continue reading Spun: Magnetic Man

Fall Reviews:

By Rhiannon Kirkland

The Dinos have been busy this season with different teams providing their share of upsets, surprises, wins and disappointments. Some teams are done for the year while others are reaching the mid-way point of their seasons. This is how things look so far. Men’s basketball Record: 6-7 (ranked ninth in Canada West) This young Dinos… Continue reading Fall Reviews:

Online Exclusive: Letter: The limits of free speech

Editor, the Gauntlet, As a Canadian, I am thankful for the rights and freedoms enshrined in our constitution, including freedom of speech. Many countries, governments and private or semi-public institutions engage in tactics aimed at curtailing the rights and freedoms of others. Along with those rights come responsibilities and limits that come out of consideration… Continue reading Online Exclusive: Letter: The limits of free speech

Letter: A challenge to debate

Editor, the Gauntlet, By now, professor Flanagan’s comments on the CBC have achieved infamy and offended citizens across this country. More importantly, they have sullied the name of our university. Flanagan’s joke or call [about] Julian Assange was serious. As he will soon discover, it is a criminal offence to incite violence. The morality of… Continue reading Letter: A challenge to debate

Letter: Dismiss Tom Flanagan

Editor, the Gauntlet, Dear University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon, Earlier this week, a University of Calgary professor appeared on CBC television’s “Power and Politics with Evan Solomon” and used his precious airtime on our publicly funded national broadcaster to openly advocate outright political assassination (or as some prefer to call it, first degree murder).… Continue reading Letter: Dismiss Tom Flanagan