Short month proves eventful for Campus Security

By Herb Mathisen

February may be the shortest month, but Campus Security still had plenty of incidents to deal with. Officers assisted Den staff in removing a student caught stealing beer from the Black Lounge. The young man was not concerned with the beer from the storage room, taking a more direct approach. “He was helping himself,” said… Continue reading Short month proves eventful for Campus Security

Phantom Planet

By Evan Turner

If this band’s purpose was to induce headache-like symptoms, they have succeeded. This self-titled album feels, for lack of a better word, unprofessional. The vocals are actually quite good, however the background music is extremely disturbing. At times (actually, most of the time) it totally drowns out the vocals and is generally annoying. High-pitched guitars… Continue reading Phantom Planet


By Evan Turner

Once you get over the fact that -M- is a guy in a bright pink suit, with a pink guitar and a haircut that can only be described as demonically cat-woman in nature, I figure you’ll have listened to about half the CD. By that time, you’ll be so confused trying to figure out if… Continue reading -M-

The Coral

By Garth Paulson

Twenty-eight minutes, what a conundrum. A 28-minute album is perfectly acceptable if it’s made by a punk band, but otherwise it just causes problems. What do you call The Coral’s Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker? It’s too long to be an EP but not long enough to be a proper full-length album. For the… Continue reading The Coral