Editor, the Gauntlet:

By Jordan Bonner

Irene Enyedy’s letter appalled me. The half-truths, obfuscations and apparent lack of understanding of basic concepts of jurisprudence such as "double jeopardy" and "statute of limitations" expressed in her letter cause me to question her ability and the entire su’s ability to operate in a representative, democratic manner and her personal ability competently represent students.First,… Continue reading Editor, the Gauntlet:


By Serena Curry

Manito revolves around two brothers at crucial points in their lives. Manny (Manito) is graduating high school with a full scholarship to Syracuse, while Junior is an ex-con attempting to live a normal life. The film follows them through Manny’s graduation day and is a gritty look at life that is sometimes hard to watch… Continue reading Manito

Soft for Digging

By Jeff Kubik

…murder.Soft for Digging is a film of few words. In fact, in the course of this 74-minute film, there are fewer than five minutes of dialogue. It just goes to show that well-executed cinema can say a lot without a single word.Elderly Virgil Manoven’s world is solitary and simple, isolated among a forest of skeletal… Continue reading Soft for Digging


By Ben Ralston

With opening cinematography that’ll leave you scrambling for Gravol, Veloma puts heavy emphasis on scenery. The camera rocks about, waves loom around you, and you can’t help but feel some sympathy for protagonist Philippe as he finds himself becoming “part of the sea.” Having spent five months sailing around the world in the diverse company… Continue reading Veloma

Barrier Device

By James Keller

A barrier device, or at least an example of one, is the condom. Barrier Device, directed by Grace Lee is also an American film, first premiered at the 2002 San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, using the barrier device not as a subject, but as a catalyst to tell a story focusing on relationships, obsession,… Continue reading Barrier Device


By Nicole Riva

If you think you watch too many movies see Cinemania and be proven wrong. Anyone who has ever thought they suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder will feel normal after watching this film. This is a documentary that lacks in the excitement department but is interesting, intriguing and disturbing enough to hold an audience’s attention. The… Continue reading Cinemania