Daddy’s work comes first for Catherine

By Randy Lewis

The Right Honourable Joe Clark, leader of the national Progressive Conservatives, was recently sworn back into the House of Commons after a seven-year absence. This leaves the country with only one question: what is going to become of his daughter Catherine?Since Clark ran for the PC party leadership a year ago, his daughter has become… Continue reading Daddy’s work comes first for Catherine

Clubbers crash party scene

By Hadija Gabunga

I’m tired of all these teeny-boppertop-40 G.I. Joes and Barbie dolls invading the party (rave) scene. The reason why the party scene started was for true partiers (ravers) to get away from the exact people who give raves and ravers a bad reputation.First they banned raves, and the mere mention of the word conjured up… Continue reading Clubbers crash party scene

Gauntlet preserves journalistic integrity

By Andrej Ristic

Editors, the Gauntlet,I recently moved to Calgary from Toronto. Until I read your paper I thought there was no freedom of the press here. Everything I read in the newspapers printed here in this city had a slight but certain notion of being against the Liberal and NDP parties, against homosexuals and against the United… Continue reading Gauntlet preserves journalistic integrity

Opposing parties should have opposing policies

By Rob South

With November elections approaching in the U.S., the current rant among Ralph Nader followers, Rage Against the Machine fans, anarchists and pseudo-intellectuals is that there is nothing to distinguish Al Gore and George W. Bush. However, even the most superficial observer should notice the candidates disagree over abortion, the privatization of social security, the scope… Continue reading Opposing parties should have opposing policies

Flag fails to promote adventure

By Lawrence Bailey

There are clumps of noisy red and white amoebic formations moving about Europe in cargo shorts and "Canada Kicks Ass" T-shirts. They have large shells on their backs, adorned with tattoos of a red leaf that lets everyone know they’re not American. To some locals they’re a nuisance, to others a curiosity but to the… Continue reading Flag fails to promote adventure