Attention Terry White


Dr. White,This letter is in regards to the General Student’s Forum that was promised last year, but has failed to materialize. We would like you to accept our proposal to schedule a forum for this school year. We hope that you are committed to working with students to find solutions regarding student issues such as… Continue reading Attention Terry White

Strings attached

By Editorial

For 10 years, the Alberta government has followed a policy of less government is better government. From privatizing liquor stores to contracting out health care services, the province has paid lip service to this idea of non-obtrusive government. In reality, they have more power now than ever before–they’re just more covert about it.The government accomplishes… Continue reading Strings attached

Buy Smart

By Laura Glick

I try to be aware of where my money goes. I boycott stores that sell pornography, avoid Nike like it’s ebola and read the labels on my vegetarian food. I try to know what company owns what, where they manufacture and avoid companies that employ child labor. But it’s getting harder and harder to be… Continue reading Buy Smart

Rights of the child

By Brian Low

Last Sunday marked the 10 year anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The fact it promotes basic human rights for children may explain why the vast majority of states signed it. It fails to explain, however, why so many do little to implement it.The convention is an international treaty designed… Continue reading Rights of the child

Men cagers blown away

By Tom Zielinski

The University of Calgary men’s basketball team experienced another disastrous weekend when they visited the University of Saskatchewan Huskies last weekend. The Dinos’ record dropped to 1-7, after they lost both games. On Friday night, the Dinos were blown away by a score of 78-48 and they dropped Saturday’s game 76-66. "We looked totally confused… Continue reading Men cagers blown away

Volleysaurs split series with Golden Bears

By Chris Johns

There was some smash-mouth volleyball played at the Jack Simpson Gymnasium last weekend by the University of Calgary Dinos and their northern rivals, the University of Alberta Golden Bears. The Dinos moved into a tie for second place in the Canada West Conference, losing 3-2 on Friday evening and winning 3-2 on Saturday. The Bears… Continue reading Volleysaurs split series with Golden Bears

Time for swimming

By Josh Truba

Year in and year out the University of Calgary Dinos maintain a strong swim team composed of a number of high calibre athletes who challenge for the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union Championship. Former Dinos such as Curtis Myden, Mark Tewksbury and Tom Ponting moved on from the Dinos to become successful Olympians. While this is… Continue reading Time for swimming

Huskies play dead in front of Doan and Dinos

By Kevin Rothbauer

The other gymnasiums in the Canada West conference were kind to the Dinos women’s basketball team this season. With a pair of convincing victories last weekend at the University of Saskatchewan, the Dinos improved their road record to 5-1 and their overall record to 5-3. Led, as always, by Leighann Doan, the Dinos won 76-82… Continue reading Huskies play dead in front of Doan and Dinos