Calgary’s favourite entrepeneur

By Josh O’Brien

Brett Wilson is a Calgary based billionaire and philanthropist with almost 100,000 Twitter followers and a closet full of colourful button-ups. He’s also a former dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, author, proud father and all around cool dude. He recently humoured our questions. The Gauntlet: I heard that you took a trip to Afghanistan. Why… Continue reading Calgary’s favourite entrepeneur

Work begins on Smoke’s Poutinerie

By Rachelle Reed

Construction has begun on Smoke’s Poutinerie in MacHall. Students’ Union president Raphael Jacob said he expects the vendor to openin six weeks. “It has been shown to be really popular on university campuses and with our demographic,” Jacob said. “Furthermore, it is a Canadian tradition.” Smoke’s Poutinerie beat out an undisclosed frozen yogurt vendor in… Continue reading Work begins on Smoke’s Poutinerie

Anthropology might soon merge with archaeology

By Tendayi Moyo

Talks are underway about a merger between the departs of anthropology and archaeology. “The decision hasn’t been finalized,” said faculty of arts dean Richard Sigurdson, “but both departments have now shown a willingness to take serious steps to move forward.” A consolidation committee with members from both departments is currently working on a public report.… Continue reading Anthropology might soon merge with archaeology

Acceptance standards rising at the U of C

By Manal Sheikh

For prospective students, admission to the University of Calgary is becoming more difficult as acceptance standards rise year after year. The Haskayne School of Business and the Faculty of Nursing have seen the sharpest increase. At Haskayne, the average grade for acceptance was 82 per cent in 2012, compared to the low 70s in 2006.… Continue reading Acceptance standards rising at the U of C

Upcoming SU election

By Ananya Mujumdar

Tina Shaygan and Lexi Del gather the required signatures for their arts representative bids in MacHall. Students running for office need 150 signatures to get on the ballot. If you see someone with a clipboard, give them a hand.

Sex week is here!

By Riley Hill

Sexual and Gender Wellness Week will be held in MacHall from Feb. 3–7. The week — put on by the Students’ Union, the Wellness Centre and the Womens’ Resource Centre — will feature a series of workshops and discussions that focus on some of the more nuanced aspects of sexuality not covered in your junior-high… Continue reading Sex week is here!

Taking a one-way ride to the red planet

By Tendayi Moyo

Zac Trolley, an electrical engineer living in Calgary, is on the shortlist for a one-way trip to Mars. Last April, the non-profit organization Mars One began accepting applications for a mission to establish a human colony on Mars, starting in 2025. The application process was straightforward. Mars One asked for a written essay and a… Continue reading Taking a one-way ride to the red planet

The joys of approving your own spending requests

By Chris Adams

After going through two rounds of voting at Student Legislative Council (SLC), the Students’ Union submitted an application to Quality Money requesting $240,000 to move the Conference and Events office to the old Women’s Resource Centre space. This project highlights how the lack of oversight with SU spending can lead to the approval of questionable… Continue reading The joys of approving your own spending requests

Conservative interest in Israel’s preservation possibly economic

By Devon Simpson

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Israel should raise speculation on the motivation for a friendly relationship between Canada and Israel, two dissimilar states. The visit is possibly the personal decision of hardline right wingers in the Conservative Party, possibly influenced by the Evangelical Christian belief that Jewish people are chosen by God and Israel… Continue reading Conservative interest in Israel’s preservation possibly economic

Mandatory Oval helmets rule brain dead

By Josh Teitz

Since the beginning of July all skaters at the Olympic Oval have been required to wear helmets. According to the Oval’s webpage, the new helmet policy was introduced as a “proactive safety measure … to ensure all users of the Olympic Oval enjoy their time skating.” Although mandating helmets may benefit a handful of skaters… Continue reading Mandatory Oval helmets rule brain dead