Spun: Will Smith

By David Paul

Will Smith has always been an innovator; with DJ Jazzy Jeff they were one of the first ever presented with a Grammy for Best Rap Performance. The Fresh Prince was an actor/rapper long before Samuel L. Jackson needed to add credibility to movies staring rappers turned actors. If you’re looking for songs about bitches, blunts… Continue reading Spun: Will Smith

Spun: Cadeaux

By Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed

“I’m tired of being divided–tired of genres and order.” Cadeaux ironically claims in Fiction and Blues. Stemming from Vancouver, the band is a quintet of two lead female vocals, and three guys who play various instruments. The vocals emphasize harmony, occasional gyrating screams, and various oooohs and aaaahs, with Katie Lapi and Dani Vahon taking… Continue reading Spun: Cadeaux

Spun: The Bravery

By Jenn Tichon

The ’80s rock/synth music is back with a vengeance with the surge of bands like The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and The Bravery. The Bravery’s self-titled album is a throwback to the best of the ’80s with a trendy pop vibe for those of the Mouseketeer era. A mixture of fantastic riffs, especially the keyboard, pumping… Continue reading Spun: The Bravery

Spun: Louis XIV

By Rachel Betts-Wilmott

On their debut album, The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, Louis XIV play some of the sexiest music around. Full of magical handclaps and fun drum kicks, Secrets is a collection of irreverent songs brimming over with misogynistic lyrics. But not bad misogynistic, just misogynistic enough to lend the album an air of youthful cockiness,… Continue reading Spun: Louis XIV

Movie Review: The best goddamn hustle in the biz

By Kyle Francis

Walking into Kung Fu Hustle, it’s difficult to know what to expect. The title and trailer for the film promised many people getting punched, kicked and hit with things, but the hype remained ambiguous. Considering the movie actually has the words “kung fu” in the title, most would anticipate a cut-and-dry martial arts punch-fest about… Continue reading Movie Review: The best goddamn hustle in the biz

Movie Preview: Calgary’s own underground

By Sherri Shergill

Let’s say all the Jennifers, Toms and Micheals disappear. Now take away the millions of dollars, the egos, the huge movie companies, flashy directors and superficial filmmakers and what’s left? Underground movies willing to stray from the norm and provide original and authentic entertainment. And if different is what you’re looking for, the Calgary Underground… Continue reading Movie Preview: Calgary’s own underground

Music Interview: No flying cars here

By Garth Paulson

Those English have it good. Not only do they have cool accents, all the good actors and a specified time to drink tea while nibbling on scones, they have a music scene several degrees hipper than we find on our lackluster side of the Atlantic. Now they’ve found ways to make four-guys-with-guitars rock sound innovative.… Continue reading Music Interview: No flying cars here