10th annual food drive

By Russell Catt

As you walk down the halls of campus buildings, you may start hearing a certain jingle-jangle sound. Is it the sound of sleighbells? No, it’s the sound of cash being donated the 10th annual Holiday Food Drive.

"The use of the Campus Food Bank is growing every year," said Students’ Union External Commissioner Robert South. "Last year the Food Bank assisted 800 people, 300 of them children."

The amount of money needed each year has been increasing right along with the need.

"Last year our funding goal was $30,000, and we earned about $33,000," said Holiday Food Drive Chairman and SU Operations and Finance Commissioner Mike Bradshaw. "Our goal for this year is $40,000."

To assuage this rising need, volunteers are searching campus to collect the needed food and money.

"We have people stationed at many clubs tables located in various campus buildings," said Bradshaw. "We also have people at the doors of Dinos’ games, theatre performances, and we held a silent auction which earned $1,500."

During the last 10 years, the Holiday Food Drive has addressed the interests of students in various ways.

"This food drive was started to support the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank," said South. "But in 1993 the need was so great that we opened our own food bank."

The success of this drive is imperative to the continuing work of the Campus Food Bank.

"This is one of our only food drives for the year," said Campus Food Bank Co-ordinator Michelle Burk. "We hope the funds will sustain the Food Bank for three-quarters of a year." Another important fact is that one-third of all funds raised will go towards the Interfaith Food Bank to help the entire Calgary community.

The Holiday Food Drive is receiving a lot of support from various clubs around campus.

"There are over 20 clubs helping out in the Food Drive," commented South. "Some notables include Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Gamma Delta, Women in Science and Engineering, the Engineering Students’ Society, the Commerce Students’ Society and the Residence Complex Council."

South continued to say how he is "impressed by the spirit of a lot of the clubs who chose to help out the food drive. It’s nice to see such a good sense of community spirit."

This food drive has not just been a success for the organizers, but for the volunteers as well.

"I think it’s important to remember that sometimes some of our fellow students have to assign a low priority to buying food when they have rent, tuition and other payments to address," said first-year science student Kathryn Baker, also a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. "Those of us who have extra money and can help should help those who need it, especially during this holiday season."

Those who wish to donate can drop off either money or food to the Campus Food Bank, located in Volunteer Services in MH 144, or they can drop off money to one of the many volunteers around campus.

"We’d like to thank those who have contributed both money and time to this generous cause," said South. "It means a lot to us."

As of 5 p.m. Wed., Nov. 25, the amount raised was $11,178.

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