Clubs resolutions pass

By Brian Arkinstall

The Clubs Committee may be in for a major makeover May 1, following this past week’s Students’ Legislative Council Meeting.

Tuesday’s meeting saw three resolutions involving the Clubs Committee pass. While the resolutions are not binding bylaw changes, they could lead to potential bylaw changes that could be brought back before council at a later date.

The Þrst resolution called for the elimination of the Clubs Committee Chair, with the Vice-president Operations and Finance assuming the position.

"The Clubs Committee Chair was created eight months ago, to take some of the workload off of the VP Op-Fi," said current VP Op-Fi Amanda Affonso. "The creation of a Club Co-ordinator position [a full-time administrative position] has freed up the VP Finance from administrative duties, so there is more time to spend with the clubs."

Current Clubs Committee Chair Fouad Jomaa said it was a question of representation.

"I am primarily concerned with the attention given to clubs and club needs, not of representation falling short, but there is basically no guarantee that the clubs will be fully represented to the full extent," said Jomaa. "I see myself as a communication link between the two groups-I don’t want to divide the clubs and the su but they do have different needs."

Affonso also expressed concern about the overlap that exists between the two positions, and the fact that the Clubs Committee falls under the Operations and Finance portfolio, and that the VP Op-Fi signs the cheques but doesn’t have a vote on the committee.

"Like all new positions there is time that is needed to determine rules and responsibilities," said Jomaa. "There hasn’t been enough time to realize the full potential of the position."

Some clubs have concerns about the possible changes.

"I don’t think clubs have had enough time to understand the role and jurisdiction of the Clubs Committee Chair," said VP External of the Speech and Debate Society Colin Horne. "It needs more time to see what it can do."

The next resolution saw the Clubs Committee changed to include the VP Operations and Finance, the four Op-Fi Commissioners and two SLC or Student Academic Assembly members appointed by slc.

"I would not like to see four members placed in the positions," said Jomaa. "I would rather see members volunteer to the positions."

The Þnal resolution could allow the Clubs Committee to resolve disputes without a formal hearing. Any serious breach of bylaw would be appealed directly to the review board without Þrst being appealed to the su Executive or the slc.

"The resolution means that appeals will go straight to the review board, instead of appealing to the same people in the SU executive and the SLC," said Affonso.

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