The Puffy-daddy of them all

By Sadiq Javer

You want to make a CD? An interesting project, but where do you start.

According to André Rodrigues, executive producer of The Puffy
Room: Music from the motion picture, the first thing you need is money.

"We took out a small business loan," said Rodrigues.

What next?

"A hell of a lot of footwork and lots of running around," said
Producer Kirk Thurbide. "It was a matter of learning what needed to
be done from recording to funding to graphic design."

So now you have the money and the bands and are ready to start recording.
Where do you go? Here in Calgary, you would take it to someone like Dave
Horrocks, one of the owners of Sundae Sound Studios.

"You get it recorded by someone like us, mixed by someone like us,
and mastered by someone like us," said Horrocks. "After that you
get it manufactured. Then comes the art work and photography to put on the

"It’s a straightforward process, but fairly lengthy."

The Puffy Room CD was a slightly different process.

"Puffy Room is an exception because it is a compilation disk,"
said Horrocks. "They have taken songs off other people’s cds, their
own tunes and other bands that haven’t recorded yet. Then had them remastered."

The Puffy Room cd contains all local bands, some who have not yet been
recorded, such as Bainsbridge, ViQueen, The Shannon Fayth Band, and Kirk

The soundtrack will be released April 3 at Max Café.

"It was a lot of hard work," said Thurbide. "Having done
it, it will be a much easier process the next time we record."

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