Get recked

By Kevin Rothbauer

If you’re getting fat this summer because you lucked out getting a high-paying job that entails sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, Monday-to-Friday, with about six hours worth of coffee breaks, you can stop the enlarging process with help from Campus Recreation.

There are still dozens of programs offered by Campus Rec, even though the rest of the university isn’t operating at full capacity.

The raquet centre, pool, Outdoor Program Centre and Olympic Oval are all open for the Spring and Summer sessions.

Intramural leagues for soccer, hockey, basketball and volleyball are running for the whole off-season.

The Fitness Centre is offering aerobics, cycling, step, Trym Gym, and World Rhythms classes, as well as running clinics, weight training courses and personal training sessions.

Through the Outdoor Program Centre, courses, trips and rentals are available if you’re interested in kayaking, climbing, backpacking, wilderness first aid, hiking or canoeing.

Self-directed activites in the weight facilities, running tracks and pool are still possibilities as well.

If you’re young enough (in which case you probably shouldn’t be reading this newspaper, because it could corrupt you), there are youth programs available, including Mini University, aquatics, gymnastics and outdoor programs. Many sports are also covered through Dinosaur development camps.

For more information, check out the Gauntlet in upcoming weeks, pick up brochures on campus or call 220­7241.

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